Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Really disgusted

I am a serial blogger.  Not cereal.  Serial.   I gave it up for quite a while.  Reasons here, reasons there .  . reasons, reasons everywhere.  

One primary reason is the litany of pornographic comments on my posts, especially those containing photographs of my daughters.  There are some sick sons of bitches out there and I consciously made an effort to minimize my digital photographic footprint, especially for my innocents.  

Today, before crafting this post, I cruised through the comments again only to find all the nasty back.  Ewww.  Stop.  

I'm watching and waiting.   I know I have plenty to say, but right now, it all revolves around this:  stop, you sick, sick, twisty f'ers.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Grandpa's Money . . . . What We Spent it On

A List by Middle:

Big:   Kernal Cluckers
Middle:   Mini backpack, t-shirt, sticker & Heavenly Donuts
Little:  Rubick's Cubes x 2, Movie rentals and a pocket knife
Mimi:  Coloring book, Rubik's Cube, Sweatshirt, Tahoe the elephant

Bare Bones Kitchen Cabinet

I continue to dream of building a mountain cabin and populating it with fabulous things.  On our last vacation in Tahoe, we piddled around the tiny kitchen and Middle and I made a list of things that a bare-bones kitchen would need for full functionality.   Here it is for my future reference:

* Blending Device
* Toaster
* Tea Pot
* Knife Block
* Coffee Making Device
* Crock Pot
* Rice Cooker

* Glasses x 8
* Big plates x 8
* Small plates x 8
* Bowls x 8
* Big Bowl or Serving Bowl x 1
* Big Plate or Serving Plate x 1
* Coffee Mugs
* Colander
* Big Cooking Pot
* Small Cooking Pot
* Frying Pan
* Salad Bowl
* Casserole Dish (x2, one covered and one not)

* Strawberry Puncher (added by Middle . . . hmmm)
* Dish drying rack
* Cutting board
* Silverware
* Pizza cutter
* Wine opener
* Peeler
* Teaspoon measurers
* Can opener
* Tongs
* Stabber
* Grater
* Whisk
* Misc kitchen tools