Wednesday, May 14, 2014

District Volleyball

I've been too damn busy to blog.
Last weekend marks the first free weekend since January 11th.
I see that I did some blogging in February.  It was the weekend that Middle and I spent in Minneapolis.  It was subzero and she had food poisoning, so we spent the whole day in bed after her meet session.    That's how I've been rolling.  

Little by little, I'm making a comeback.

Starting here . . . . .

Middle school A squad line-up and announcement prior to championship game.

And we win . . . for the three-peat! 

Lady Jag volleyball with the "3" for the district title and championship three years running.
Big has been on all of these teams!! 

With the proud principal. 

8th graders alone. 

Big (#27) with two of her buddies . . . . 

Lots of talent on this team .  . these five A-squad starters also played for the 14 Navy
traveling team for club.  They are all splitting next year and going to 4 different high schools,
so this picture might just be the end of an era.