Saturday, March 01, 2014

February 17 - I dropped my phone in the toilet at the high school open house.
February 18 - One of my least favorite emotions is disappointment ..... On all counts, being disappointed in something, or someone, or yourself stinks.
February 19 - I'm not entirely sure how I actually ended up the Vice President of the booster club. Two-sentence rule breaker day. Oh my God. I'm sick. Being old and sick sucks.
February 20 - I am frustrated, disappointed and generally displeased with PTA & I think I will excuse myself from all things PTA ASAP.
February 21 - The choice window closes today and I'm hoping and praying that Big gets into the high school she wants ..... So much more complicated than "back-when-I-was-a-kid"!!
February 22 - I had a meeting this morning where there are never enough chairs so I sat on a bucket and now I have a semi-circular bucket shaped bruise on my ass.
February 23 - I got up early to take Big to volleyball this morning ..... They didn't play very well but it was still fun to watch.
February 1 - No matter how hard I try to NOT obsess about my weight and what I look like from the outsider, it invades my every thought.
February 2 - The truth is ...... I am a comfortable size 10 and I work really, really hard to maintain a hearty 160 pound frame.
February 3 - Big is just six weeks away from getting her braces off!
February 4 - I find Facebook entertaining and annoying ..... You have to be in just the right mood to deal with social media.
February 5 - Are all parents absolutely fucking nuts or is it JUST parents of athletes?
February 6 - My favorite pizza right now is dominos deep dish with light sauce, pepperoni, bacon and green olives.
February 7 - Eating gluten-free is very, very difficult.
February 8 - Good news: my heart is fine.
February 9 - Bad news: I have a new battle to fight with gastroesophogeal reflux and stricture; that's just freaking awesome!
February 10 - Everyone must go see Frozen ..... Best thing I've seen in a long, long time!!!
February 11 - Exhausted from a long weekend of hosting hospitality and athlete check-in at our home meet, The Pikes Peak Cup.
February 12 - We are traveling to Columbus thus weekend and the weather forecast is truly terrible.
February 13 - I spent $100 on Valentine's Day stuff for my kids.... A giant stuffed elephant for Mimi will make her morning & something special and unique and thoughtful for everyone.
February 14 - It's not fun to get stuck in the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport for four extra hours on Valentine's Day. Drat.
February 15 - too tired to form one sentence so I'm stringing it all together with she flipped her vault and the venue was big and we saw Bethanne and the hotel bed is comfy and I slept good but breakfast sucked and I'm not loving the politics of sports because I suck at it and I miss my kids, husband, dogs and chickens .....
February 16 - My husband's conspiracy theories about airlines might be right ..... Damn delays.
January 20 - "I have a dream that one day my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but the content of their character." MLK
January 21 - Back to school this morning and 6:35 came too damn fast.
January 22 - Someday, I think I will look back on these busy, crazy,  hectic days juggling work and family and I will be amazed by what I have accomplished.
January 23 - I don't think I really got good at this motherhood gig until baby number 4 came bouncing into my life.
January 24 - I need to make a more conscious effort to put my mother on my radar & check in every day; I will not be bitter or wish for help that I won't receive.
January 25 - In my estimation, there is a gigantic difference between forgiving someone for things done wrong unto you and keeping a safe distance in the name of  self-preservation.
January 26 - Middle had a great meet this weekend and I'm so proud of the emotional strength she is showing this season ..... She is growing and maturing every day.
January 27 - Monday has become my least favorite day of the week.
January 28 - WE HAVE EGGS!!!
January 29 - I know it's random and maybe seems dumb, but I love these backyard chickens .... They have brought laughter and happiness to me that I wasn't expecting for a bunch of $2 birds!!
January 30 - Where has the month gone??
January 31 - Big has an NJHS meeting this morning and I'm going with her to recruit volunteers for the Pikes Peak Cup next month.

January 17 --  As seems to be normal for this month, I have officially diagnosed myself with stage 4 breast cancer and envisioned myself knitting cancer beanies with all my new chemo friends.
January 18 - We are playing in a three-day volleyball tournament at a local club where the owner is a complete jackass. 
January 19 - During this weekend's volleyball tourney, I found a local park and have had a lovely time playing with Middle, Little and Mimi.

Jodi Picoult & Jeanette Wahls

2014 book list additions .....

Jodi Picoult ..... Crap, I already forgot the name of that book. Like all of hers, it left me aching.  Oh, The Storyteller. I liked it.

At the library I also picked up a Jeanette Wahls book .... I really liked The Glass Castle ..... I like the dysfunctional it's of her books and families.  I liked the emu stuff in this book. Random. But it pleased me. It was called The Silver Star.