Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sentence Per Day . . .

January 9th.   On my way to my first diagnostic mammogram and I just about have myself diagnosed with every breast disorder possible.
January 10th.  I went to the mall today and bought a new pair of overpriced jeans but I'm justifying every penny spent since I've worn holes in the crotch of my very favorite pair.  (Two sentence rule breaker) I'm seeing a real doctor today because I've been having awful chest pain.
January 11th.  I think it's not a normal Saturday at all when someone has a scheduled something-or-nother from 0730 to 12, 1130 to 1230 and 1400 to 1600!
January 12th.  It's a big sporting day for our family with the first volleyball tournament of the year AND Middle's first Level 8 meet.
January 13th.  Big's team went undefeated and WON the power tournament, while Middle finished 3rd on floor, 1st of bars AND floor and 3rd all around!
January 14th.  My heart sunk when the lady from the Women's Imaging Center called and said these words, "The radiologist sees something on your scans that he'd like to take a closer look at . . . do you think you can come in today?"
January 15th.  I've been officially re-mammogrammed and have stood on my head six ways til Sunday all whilst by boobie was smushed between two plexi plates and I stood topless in a room with a 400 pound German woman named Helga.
January 16th.  Today was the best day of 2014 so far and I am so very grateful to my dear, dear friend, M, for the lovely day and fabulous time together.

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