Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hen House Update, now with captions

The transom window was such a good idea!  Here's Mimi servicing the poop bar and litter bin.
She's the primo chicken poop cleaner because (a) she's not squeamish around even the nastiest of chicken -doo and (b) she can stand inside the house and not have to hunch over for cleaning duty. 

I opted for a hen house addition.  Think litter box.  Under the roosting bar.  Chickens do a significant about of pooping in their sleep, so this keeps the hooey out of the floor bedding and, in the long, run, saves the urban chicken farmer a ton of money in litter, bedding and time.  Hooray for the poop box. 

Nesting box.  It's still off limits, but check out the jazzy privacy curtain I made with a leftover crib skirt.  Yes, I have a leftover crib skirt.  That should scare the hell out of you. 

Big painted clouds on the interior ceiling of the hen house.  Er, um . . .
Well, even a chicken needs a nice room with a view, right? 

Lockin, Day 1.  And the kids can't help but perch on the nesting box and peek in at the girls. 

Lockin, Day 1.  A view from inside the service door. 

My ladies.  Aren't the cute? 

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