Saturday, November 02, 2013


Yea, I forgot again.

I read a kindle freebie
And some BDSM kindle freebie -- "Love in Handcuffs".  It sucked.
And a read an untitled book for a new author -- actually, I was proof reading it . . . .

And then there's something else I'm forgetting.  I was really busy this fall with organizing the Fall Festival @ our elementary school -- a 10K profit ;) (yea, insert clapping and cheering) . . but an uphill political battle with the crazy PTA board at school.

I'm officially out for next year and focusing on my attention on ME, and my family and work. It feels so good sometimes to walk away!

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mohamad ahmad said...

BDSM....?Something to got pain but some people like that...i don know why...