Friday, October 11, 2013

The Raising of a Hen House . .

It's a tiny platform.  Why?
Raising the hen house is good for ventilation and for predators.
For this Crazy Chicken Lady, I was designing removable floor boards so
that when I have to change litter, a flat container will slide in the gap and I can scoop the
gunge down and out.  

The walls are up.  It's officially 3x5x5 and will house our 6 hens.
I'm adding a nesting box to the side so I don't lose house space
to nesting boxes. 

And, she has a roof.  
Roof and nesting box on :)
It's getting closer.
The chicken run overlooks the playground in our urban backyard.

Add windows.  This was my cost factor.  I added windows that I ordered from
a supplier.  The little one opens.  The transom window doesn't, but it's a perfect peekie-hole.
Also added roof and nesting boxes.  

Next project:  painting the interior.  The ladies are now 6 weeks old and fully feathered and it's my personal mission to get them in the hen house & coop, totally imprinted before winter weather hits.  I'm painting the interior first because they'll be in lock up for at least 3 days, which I can use to paint the exterior and complete the run.

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