Monday, August 26, 2013

And then there were 6.

When you have chickens, you need a hen house. And a chicken run. I'm planning to coop, house AND partially free range my birds, so the next part started out honestly and innocently, too.

'Twas the Saturday after our maiden chicken purchase. I was wandering through Big R with kids in tow, waiting for MOTH to make his newest firearm purchase. I was pricing and calculating square footage on pre-fabbed coop & run kits. See, innocent.  (What I learned, by the way, is that I need o build something.....they are too stinking expensive!!)

When along the center row I did spy several troughs of chickens under brooder lights. They make the most fabulous sound, you know. Then soon came a cute little cowgirl who said, "You look like you need some chicks!"

Of course I walked away.
But then I walked back.

Turns out she had a Blue Andalusian chick. Have I mentioned  that I've always wanted a Blue?  Blue Andalusians are the Weimer Reiner of chicken breeds ....  plus blue's my favorite color.  Fast forward here a minute to say that I did walk out of Big R with a Blue Andalusian and a Sicilian Buttercup.

Just like that I became a chicken hoarder!!!


Christal said...

Coop ideas? These guys are paying for their LOL expensive coop by selling instructions.

Christal said...

PS I found it funny that one of the side articles was about how easy it was to find a chicken sitter. (It sounds like it's easier than finding a dog sitter for our 3 boxer dogs.)