Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Magic of Veterinary Medicine. Subtitle: My checkbook says "ouch"

Sweet Tana .  . before picture.  Hurtin' in a bad way.  She had been previously "loosely" diagnosed with doggie lupus . . . but was not medicated because her symptoms were not bad enough.  Well, until this summer.  This summer, instead of just her nose looking terrible, her eye-lids also ulcerated.  In a matter of 48 hours, she developed massive eye and skin infections and we bit the bullet and dove into nose biopsies and surgery to get the official diagnosis and a definite treatment plan.  The things you do for your pets! 
Sweet Tana:  After surgery.  Gorked out big time. 

Sweet Tana wanted outside so badly that she would ONLY lay down and be still if she had someone on the couch with her and was in contact with somebody.  We put Mimi on that.  Mimi and a little Curious George and Tana settled right in for a long summer's post-op nap. 

Sweet Tana's diagnosis is two things.  Doggie Lupus and Adult Onset Juvenile Pyoderma. She has been taking a cocktail of four different medications with the most complicated dosing and administration known to man.  BUT, look at these results!  Sweet Tana is looking better and better!  Five cheers for the magic of veterinary medicine!!   On a sidenote, I try, TRY (try), **TRY** really hard to not bitch about the cost of pets.  I chose them and chose to keep them well, but holy SHIZNIT!  We've but 2K into this dog this summer.  Geez-louise!! 

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