Saturday, June 15, 2013

What is it about the library?

Don't get my wrong . . . I love it.  I love that they LOVE the library.  I've been strategically planning trips to the library on afternoons when I am scheduled to be on call.  On this day, the kids came home with 21 books . . . each of the girls checked out 5 and Little couldn't get it to under 6.  By 5 o'clock when I was done with the shift, Middle had finished her first book, Big was well into her second and Little and Middle had each "finished" three.  I chose an awesome variety on the Japanese Internment from World War II and learned a TON about what my dad's family endured.  Amazing.   Next library trip  . . . this week.   Which reminds me . . . whoa!!  My book list is way behind!!

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