Saturday, June 22, 2013

Treehouse: Site Selection

The treehouse was our gift to the kids for Christmas this year.  Yea, they got an empty box with a tree drawn inside and a book called The Complete Guide to Treehouses.  They got it right away and were happy with slim gifts and the promise of a treehouse.

Research, however, let us know that there was a problem, Houston.  The problem being:  we don't have a tree that is fit for a house.  It's the wrong kind of tree altogether.  Too soft and not fit to a long-term structure.  Damn.  So . . . . .

I came up with a modified design for a stilt-house nestled between these trees.   I like it even more because (a) it's not to hard for ME to get into it and (b) I envision it as excellent storage once the kidlings fly the coop.  Yes, I do intend to live her for that long.

This picture is right after site selection and the utilities and other companies had come through to mark lines.  Actually, looks like we had the concrete footers either dry fitted or poured in order to build a platform for the treehouse.

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