Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Treehouse in Progress

Where are the pictures of just the deck, the walls and the rafters?  I don't know.  We got quite a bit of snow in that building phase, so maybe I don't have any.  Fast forward to the roof, being put up by Contractor and friend, Sammy, affectionately known as "Uncle Sam" and MOTH.

Windows.  I found the best deal from a manufacturer of chicken coop windows in Pennsylvania.  They were quite affordable and they work perfectly.  Here's Big (it must have bee Middle school volleyball season) modeling the porthole windows like Vanna White.

Almost done :)  The deck is missing and it needs paint and primer.  More snow fell and now, it looks TOTALLY different because of the trees and all the leaves. 

From the back view.  You have to climb the hill and come around the "four-clump" of trees for access, which I love :) I also love the sliding barn door. 

View from the inside.  Since this picture, the kids have made curtains and the deck is complete.  Finished product pictures coming soon. 

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