Friday, June 14, 2013

This summer's project . . .

Paint and roof.  It's way, way, way overdue.  This is the summer for an exterior upgrade to our house and a new roof.  It should have been done last year or maybe the year before.  We have massive hail damage.  

Paint color selection for something as large as your house is a lot of responsibility.  I feel like I'm naming a child.  I want it to be sleek and fabulous.  I want it to be perfectly perfect.  I'm an earth tone kind of girl, but I also love color.  Our interior is done in neutrals .  . . but with color here and there.  I have a green dining room, a blue office, a red wall in the basement and an orange accent in the basement.  I have bedrooms that are blue and green, lavender, pastels and red and blue.  I like everything.  

So . . . 

I took bids. 
I hired a painter. (Whom I really like.)

He's been a gem with color selection, and after about 6 hours of virtual design on Kwal's website (which sucks eggs, by the way), I think I've got a good idea.   And let me say, I'm surprised.  When I contracted with this painter, I told him I wanted a fresh look on the same tired theme.  We have a brown and cream house.  I wanted that same thing, but richer . . . less grey.  I wanted to be safe, and get sort of the same thing as the other brown and white houses in our brown and white neighborhood.  But the more I looked and the more I played with color, the more I changed my mind.  I'm going for the new, trendy, two-toned color scheme in colors that were not even suggested together.  Eek.  Yes, I'm jumping off the cliff, taking a colorful leap of faith and going big and bold.  Eee-gads, I hope I love it.  

For the record:  Old pix 

Front . . . . grey-brown house w/ cream trim and black accents.  We have black garage doors and shutters. 

I only took this shot so I could play with the virtual designer.  I needed that horizontal trim line to establish my look.  It should be a dramatic before and after. 

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