Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Big Girls . . .

Have I said how much I love kids.  All kids.  Little kids, especially.  Even though I'm pushin' 40, I really think like a little kid.  I'm right on their level and I speak their language .. . fluently.  I play like a little kid and I totally, 100% identify with them.  I've known that for a long, long, long time . . . since I before my nanny days.  Rewind to, like, high school and all I can think of was how much I wanted to be a mom  . . how much I wanted to have little kids.    As a mommy, I breezed through my days with little kids like nobody's business.  I was kind of one of those parents that secretly thought, "shit, someday, they are going to be big."  It wasn't panic or a fear that I wouldn't like them once they were big, but I just look back nostalgically at their wee-one days.

I'm happy.  Scratch that.  Overjoyed to report that I am really, really, really LOVING having big kids.  The big girls and I are having such a good time doing big kid things and I am totally loving it!  I'm blessed to have two awesome middle school kids who are navigating the social scene, juggling academics and doing an overall bang-up job of managing their lives.  Whew.  Collective sigh!!

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