Friday, May 24, 2013

I'm not gonna lie . . . .

I'm not gonna lie.  January and February were rough months for me.  I'm glad to the nth degree that I was busy with kids, traveling for sports and treading water with work.  It gave me far, far less time to think about the anniversary of my dad's death, in January.  And, his birthday, in February.  Still, in my most silent and alone moments, it was painful in a way that surprised even me.

If you know me at all, I'm pretty fucking tough.  I kindof have a squishy emotional center but I'm pretty tough, or I put on a nice game face.  So . . . . I boil that down to "I survived".

In those months, however, a woman who puts together a local bank calendar for Veterans contacted me.  The nursing home residents nominated Pop to be a focus of the 2014 calendar.  I'm honored and flattered for him and of course, I'm eager to do the project.  The process of locating photos and going through all of that "stuff" again really made me take notice of these two shots.  Take a look:

The top one is my dad . . . . 1944-ish.  My uncle, who served with him says it was taken right around Battle of Bataan time, which was 1942.

The bottom one is my brother.  He was an extra in a modern day Hollywood movie.

Is that not some CRAZY shit??

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