Thursday, May 09, 2013

Checklist . . . .

'Tis that time of the year. 

Last Elementary school band concert for this year.  Check. 
5th grade baseball game field trip.  Check.
5th grade state float.  Check. 
3rd grade mammal project.  Check.  Diorama. Check.  Paper. Check.  Prezi.   Check.
Middle won the science fair at school.  So, project done.  Corrections made.  Regional Science Fair. Check. 

Big's group placed third at regional history fair.  So, Berlin Wall project done.  Corrections made.   Day trip to the state capital. State History Fair.  Check.

Oh, I should rewind further. 
Kindergarten registration.  Check.
Kindergarten testing.  Check.  
Blue forms for teacher placement.   Check. 
Email to Middle school principal and counselor re: Middle's classes & schedule.  Check.
State Gymnastics.  Check.  Pictures later.  My kid did awesome.  At the last meet of the season, she stuck her series on beam.  I was overjoyed.  She's a rock star. 
Club volleyball done.  Check.
Middle school volleyball.  Big made the A-squad.  Hooray.  The district classic tournament is this weekend.  Almost check. 

Have I mentioned in the last several months that I've been absolutely buried with work.  Buried.  Alive.  I haven't worked this hard at this business since it was born a decade ago.   It really is like a sixth child.  

I'm too disjointed and in too much survival-slash-day-to-day mode to think past that.  So that's all I have, along with a personal resolution to blog more.   It feels good to blog.  

Hey, someone shot a marshmallow up in the iron thingy.  I wonder how long that's been there. 

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