Thursday, March 14, 2013

One Last Thing . . .

Last household item I purchased . . . . Bona floor cleaner for hardwood.  I'm obsessive about cleaning products.

Last time I was scared . . . Even IF I'm scared, I tend to stuff my feelings and try to look tough for the kids.  I am an expert at maintaining a uber-calm facade, even in the face of scary shit.  The last time I think I was honestly scared was when Little was choking and I had to do the heimlich.

Last thing I do before bed . . . Most nights, I read.  I'm always asleep before my husband and it's become a nightly thing to put something over my eyes, because his light is always on and it seems as bright as the sunshine.

Last time I had fried food . . . Fries with a burger last weekend.  We were starving and ordered room service.  It was deadly.

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