Thursday, March 21, 2013

My son's business

My son is suddenly really hard up for money.  He wants to buy a lego ship.  But he needs another lego ship like he needs a hole in the head, so he's working on financing his own purchase.  Great.  I love it.   This week, he opened a Stick Shop in his room.  Inventive, right?  The kid loves sticks.  He comes home with an armload of kindling every day from walking home.  And he loves to whittle.  He carves and makes points and fiddles with his stick collection, so opening a Stick Shop in his room was actually genius.  He's selling fat sticks for $1 and skinny sticks for 50 cents.  Awesome.   I pre-ordered one of each in efforts to support his budding business.

Come to find out, the little turkey pulled up ALL of my bamboo trellis from the Virginia Creeper seedlings in the back yard.  THOSE are the sticks he's cleaning up and selling.

Oy vey.

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Homestead said...

I got twenty bucks for whoever picks up all the dog poo in my yard.....