Friday, March 22, 2013

Job Stress . . . .

I've been the co-owner and director of my "little work from home business" for the past 10 years.  Yes, TEN years.  I work hard at what I do.  And I'm super, super efficient.  I have a great system for axing things off of my work to-do list.  It works for me.  

Work comes in spurts.  It's like that with most positions, I reckon.   But holy gazoli . . . we have been SO stinkin' busy. 

The first quarter of this year has been unprecedented.  We've been crazy busy . . . the kind of crazy busy that we have not been since our first few months as a baby start up company, when we were doing things like writing a 400-page protocol manual and dealing with copyrights, legal stuff and setting ourselves up to actually do business.  Since January, we've added practices.  We've added states.  We've added nurses.  We are currently working towards our third orientation of this year.  Some years, we do one.  Or two.  This year, SO FAR, there was one in January -- two nurses added, another in February -- three nurses added and one slated for April, where we'll add six. 

Wowza . ..  it all I have to say.  Add to that a team centered philosophy and making daily efforts to connect with all of our remote staff, as well as routing re-vamp and all kinds of details, and we are in a busy, busy time.  Busy.  Did I say busy?   

I started out with Job Stress as the title.  Stress because it's good.  Growth is good.  Growing pains aren't too bad.  Today, I am fresh off of THE WORST meeting I have ever had with any one individual.  It was terrible and parts of it left me totally speechless.  I'm still reeling, to be completely honest.   

One of my dad's "isms" is running through my mind like a record stuck on one track . . .. "Sometimes the squeaky wheel doesn't get the grease.  Sometimes it gets replaced." 

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