Monday, March 25, 2013

December 2012

This is her routine in December 2012 . . . . just released to go back after the back fracture, so she still was on "landing precaution" . . . i.e.  don't land, over-rotate them and roll to your back . . . .

One of the truths is . . .

I miss him.  It's funny to put it that way, because I may have only seen him a handful of times over the last year, but when someone is dead and gone . . . it's a different kind of gone.  January was a rough month, sort-of. I'm thankful to have been busy, but the anniversary of his death was a precarious day.  Nobody remembered but me, so I kind of felt alone and sad.   The real surprise was his birthday in February, where I was actually really sad.  It coincided with a lady from a local bank calling me asking if they could do a prolife and feature him in their 2014 calendar of local veterans.  Of course, I said yes and have been working with their author and providing the pieces of his life history.  Still, some things just pop out or come about and they catch me by surprise.    Like this.  I'm a list maker.  I have notebooks of lists, three right here by my computer.  There's always scratch paper plus my phone for jotting things . . . . . . And since his death, when all of his little pads of paper came to live at my house, and I could begin seeing his lists, I see with such sweet  clarity where I get my obsession with making lists.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Friday, March 22, 2013

Job Stress . . . .

I've been the co-owner and director of my "little work from home business" for the past 10 years.  Yes, TEN years.  I work hard at what I do.  And I'm super, super efficient.  I have a great system for axing things off of my work to-do list.  It works for me.  

Work comes in spurts.  It's like that with most positions, I reckon.   But holy gazoli . . . we have been SO stinkin' busy. 

The first quarter of this year has been unprecedented.  We've been crazy busy . . . the kind of crazy busy that we have not been since our first few months as a baby start up company, when we were doing things like writing a 400-page protocol manual and dealing with copyrights, legal stuff and setting ourselves up to actually do business.  Since January, we've added practices.  We've added states.  We've added nurses.  We are currently working towards our third orientation of this year.  Some years, we do one.  Or two.  This year, SO FAR, there was one in January -- two nurses added, another in February -- three nurses added and one slated for April, where we'll add six. 

Wowza . ..  it all I have to say.  Add to that a team centered philosophy and making daily efforts to connect with all of our remote staff, as well as routing re-vamp and all kinds of details, and we are in a busy, busy time.  Busy.  Did I say busy?   

I started out with Job Stress as the title.  Stress because it's good.  Growth is good.  Growing pains aren't too bad.  Today, I am fresh off of THE WORST meeting I have ever had with any one individual.  It was terrible and parts of it left me totally speechless.  I'm still reeling, to be completely honest.   

One of my dad's "isms" is running through my mind like a record stuck on one track . . .. "Sometimes the squeaky wheel doesn't get the grease.  Sometimes it gets replaced." 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My son's business

My son is suddenly really hard up for money.  He wants to buy a lego ship.  But he needs another lego ship like he needs a hole in the head, so he's working on financing his own purchase.  Great.  I love it.   This week, he opened a Stick Shop in his room.  Inventive, right?  The kid loves sticks.  He comes home with an armload of kindling every day from walking home.  And he loves to whittle.  He carves and makes points and fiddles with his stick collection, so opening a Stick Shop in his room was actually genius.  He's selling fat sticks for $1 and skinny sticks for 50 cents.  Awesome.   I pre-ordered one of each in efforts to support his budding business.

Come to find out, the little turkey pulled up ALL of my bamboo trellis from the Virginia Creeper seedlings in the back yard.  THOSE are the sticks he's cleaning up and selling.

Oy vey.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

One Last Thing . . .

Last household item I purchased . . . . Bona floor cleaner for hardwood.  I'm obsessive about cleaning products.

Last time I was scared . . . Even IF I'm scared, I tend to stuff my feelings and try to look tough for the kids.  I am an expert at maintaining a uber-calm facade, even in the face of scary shit.  The last time I think I was honestly scared was when Little was choking and I had to do the heimlich.

Last thing I do before bed . . . Most nights, I read.  I'm always asleep before my husband and it's become a nightly thing to put something over my eyes, because his light is always on and it seems as bright as the sunshine.

Last time I had fried food . . . Fries with a burger last weekend.  We were starving and ordered room service.  It was deadly.