Thursday, January 10, 2013

One of the things they don't tell you ....

I'm about to reveal something amazing.  Listen carefully.  Two things.

Number 1:  Apparently, the uterus is the organ through which all energy, ummph, and get-up-and-go comes.  I know this because back when I had a uterus, I had energy.  I had ummmph.  I could power through an afternoon. I had get-up-and-go.  Now, my get-up-and-go has done got-up-and-went.  I'm pooped.  Drained.  Exhausted.  More tired than I was after birthing babies. More tired than I have ever been in my entire life.  More tired than up-all-night study sessions. More tired that hungover-not-studying sessions.  Just flat down, dead ass tired.

Number 2:  What they don't tell you before you have your uterus removed is critical. Why did I never think to ask?  Why did nobody volunteer.  I think pre-hysterectomized women are so focused on the "yea, no  more tampon" party going on in their mind, that they fail to think, "will my emotions still roll?"  And the answer is a resounding yes.  You still feel like crying for no apparent reason.  You still feel like eating your body weight in chocolate chip cookie dough.  You still have moments of insane bitchy-ness followed by immediate and overwhelming regret.  You still feel short tempered, distracted, exhausted and overwhelmed.  Just like PMDD ... .  but, there's no release.  There's no Aunt Flow, no monthly Myrtle, no physical evidence for the insanity.   It's almost a let-down.  Wait, don't get me wrong .. . I'm not saying I MISS my period.  And I certainly don't miss the ginormous cysts and abdominal pain that comes with ..... I'm simply saying, especially if you are staring hysterectomy in the eyeballs .... you'll still have everything like a normal period ... just without the mess.

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