Thursday, January 03, 2013

One Last Thing . . . .

Last Girls' Night Out . . . . I honestly can't remember.  I went to dinner with my friend Carrie in about August or September of 2012.  I went on a shopping missing to IKEA with a girlfriend last, um, maybe February or March.  I took Big and Middle to the mall . . . does that even count?  Homestead visited last month and we stayed up after all the kids were in bed, talking until midnight.  Girls' Night is different now . . . .

Last Song I Sang to One of My Kids . . . I'm really digging the new Carrie Underwood song, "Nobody Ever Told You."  I sang part of that yesterday to-slash-with the girls in the car.  Incidentally, did YOU know that young girls have a firm body image of themselves at the age of NINE?!?!  That early formation impacts them for the rest of their lives . . . . and often comes from their mothers with "I'm too fat" comments, embarrassment over swimwear of self-consciousness.  Ugh!  It's a good reminder to be careful about what I say out loud and to be the channel my confident, inner Gladiator, especially in the formative, tender world of little girls' body image!

Last Romantic Thing My Husband Did For Me . . . He bought me a Zen Garden.  It was a small, thoughtful gesture.  At first, I wasn't so sure about it, but I have to admit . . . it's mesmerizing and it does force focus into something physical.  I really love it.

Last Reality TV Show I Watched . .  . Duck Dynasty.  I FREAKING love that show.  Go Team Jase.  I quote Uncle Si ALL the time!  If I ask the kids, "what do we want?", they all holler in unison, "a ham sammich!!"   Can't wait for new episodes.  It's mindless and hilarious and I'm addicted, plain and simple.

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Homestead said...

I also love Duck Dynasty. My kids watch it on the computer when they are at my work.

And, um, hello.... wasn't going to Kohl's on a late night run for a holiday outfit a girl's night out? Oh. No? Rats.