Sunday, January 06, 2013

Damn, I missed yesterday . . . .

I've been trying to make a baby post everyday.  I just like it, as I've said a zillion times.

I missed yesterday.  For good reason.  I was busy playing with the kids.  So, if ever there was an excellent reason to not-blog, that'd be it :)

Big's first volleyball day of the season is today.  In just a few hours, actually.  I'm so, so, so glad that it's local and we aren't having to travel today.  We've got a boatload of travel on the calendar in the upcoming months for all kinds of reasons.  Ouch.  And cha-ching.  Double ouch.  Today, though, is a perfect starter venue .  . . right up the street, a mere 20 minute drive.  She's ready.  I''m ready.  Everyone's ready.  I hope they rock it!

I'm drinking coffee.  With protein powder in it.  Question mark.  I seldom get enough protein in throughout the day.  Darn, darn, darn.  So, I'm pushing protein.  I don't love the floaties on top and it leaves some kind of pond scum aftertaste .. . . but I'm still trying anyway.

I want to go to Montana this summer.

I want to go to Hawaii next year.  I've been banking timeshare points for years.  I think next year I'll have enough.  At long last.  Plus, everyone will be big enough to make a long flight and will be self-entertaining enough to hack a nice vacation.  Ahhh.  I can almost feel the sand in my toes.

School starts tomorrow.  I'm sad.  And glad.  I love, love, love having the kids at home.  But . . . they are getting restless and are ready for the routine.  Plus, they know the sooner they get back to school, the sooner summer is here :)  Middle and Little have the most dreadful PE unit coming up in the 3rd quarter.  They dread it every year, especially Middle.  It's the "Dance Unit."  She comes home and takes a shower.  The thought of having to hold the sweaty hand of a boy is horrid to her and makes her physically ill.  She'd be a great nun.  They would opt out of gym this quarter in a heartbeat .. . if only they could.

It dawns on me that I need to work on posts for . . . .
1.  Christmas
2.  Hits and misses of the holiday gift giving season.
3.  Regrets
4.  Whispers . .. . . my dad has been around every corner lately and it's been cool . . . but kind of freaky, too.  Sad.  It's coming up on a year since his passing.   That ties into the regrets post.

I'll have to get to all of that later.  Whoop-whoop!!

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Homestead said...

Do you have one of those little milk frother gadgets? It will mix that protein powder in for you. I got one (for frothy hot chocolate) for about $5 at Ross.

Dance. We've been working to teach the kids to "cowboy jitterbug" so they can hold their own at a redneck wedding. But it does involve hand-holding....