Monday, December 10, 2012

Overwhelmed. And 39. And 5. And 4.

Well, sports fans, I've become overwhelmed.  I haven't posted in what seems like a million years.  I've been, um, very, very preoccupied with this little thing called work.  You know, the thing that pays bills and keeps food on the table for the swarm of angry butterflies.

I've decided to take it slow.  One post here and there.  I'm not going deep, because, quite honestly, I'm too fragile right now.

So, here's what I've got today.

Mimi and I had a birthday.

She turned 5.  I turned 39.  Or maybe 34.   I stopped aging when Mimi was born on my birthday.  In any case, it was lovely.   Moose also had a birthday.  He's four now.

Happy birthday, Big Dog!! 

MOTH brought her five peach roses, which she ADORES.  It's a tradition with the girls.
They think he is so cool. 

Middle made us a cake.
It was delicious!! 

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