Sunday, November 04, 2012

November 3

I'm thankful for elements of a homemade Christmas.  I started knitting.  Yes, well, you know me and knitting.  I have a short attention span, so I make washcloths.  Really, it's just a ploy to keep myself from eating at night.  I tend to snack and ingest countless calories if my  hands aren't busy.  This is why I sketch and knit and paint and pick my nails.  It's all in efforts to keep food out of my mouth.

I set out to make a few gifts.  Not washcloths.  These:

It's this lovely, lacy, spiral scarf.  They are unbelievably easy to make and they knit up really quickly.  It's taking about three hours to churn one out from start to finish.  Well, it wasn't long after the first one was made that Middle wrapped her face it in and begged to wear it to school.  It's purple and pink with a little navy blue and it looked perfect with her peacoat.  Gift, schmift, I figured and let her.  By chance, the same day, I talked to four classes at school and wore in the one pictured above.  I just like this one a lot.  Great colors.  And in that day, I sold SIX of them.  Took orders for four more.  I'm supplementing holiday income with handmade scarves.  And in an October and November that are full of post-op appointments, orthodontics, physical therapy and asthma meds, I'm really glad to have the cash.   I'm really glad that I know how to knit and that something other than washcloths is adding a little zing to our holiday budget.

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