Monday, November 19, 2012

November 13th

I haven't posted every gory detail about Middle, Middle's back fracture, Middle's emotional turmoil in dealing with the back fracture, shortened practices, not being able to do ANYTHING.  I've kept some of it inside, because, to be honest, it's been quite painful.  As a momma, it's been very painful to watch her in emotional pain.  The physical pain quickly abated with rest, but the emotional sting of being out for the season, feeling un-included and not a part of the bigger picture was downright dreadful.

For a ten year old gymnast, whose circle of comfort includes school, backyard & gym, having that chunk missing or altered for that much time was like a mid-life crisis for her.  I wish I could have bought her a tiny red sports car as a band aid for the pain.

But . . . .

I'm really proud of the growth and effort and the athlete she will be in the long run . . . learning to deal with a severe injury now is probably a good thing.

She's at 10 weeks, officially.  Ten weeks since diagnosis.  This weekend, Friday night to be specific, is the last qualifying meet of the season.  She won't qualify for state.  She can't compete all-around, but she's pushed through and gotten clearance to compete bars at this meet.  Just bars.  And she's happy with that.

I am too.   So, today's thankful challenge   . . . I'm thankful that Middle is getting better!

Here's her full set from the gallery . . . .

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