Monday, October 08, 2012

School Photos

I got this question from Homestead via voicemail . . .

(insert:  beep)  Policy on school photos.  Ready go.  Do you do school photos?  Do you make them dress up?  Do you make them not dress up?  Do you buy the fancy package?  Do you buy the cheapest package?  Do you scan them?  Who do you give the photos to?  How do you label the backs of photos?  Changes between when your kids are little and when they get bigger and they want to give them to their friends and stuff? At what point does that happen?  How much do your photos cost?  Holy crap!  They got expensive this year.  Yea, backgrounds .  . . do you let them pick their own?  Discuss.  Inquiring minds want to know.

Holy cow.  There's nothing like voicemail from a friend to remind you of how complicated something can be.

Here's my policy on school photos.  Ooh, wait.  First, results for this year . . . .

I like stats on the back.  It would say "Middle; Fall 2012; 5th grade; Mr. Mann
76 pounds; 53 inches tall"

Little; Fall 2012; 3rd grade; Mr. Norkoli
62 pounds, 49 inches tall

And now the answers.

School pictures happen here twice.  Once in the fall and once in the spring.  I usually spring for both photos.  I buy the cheapest package available.  Always.  One year, the school went with a new vendor and I got suckered into a more expensive package.  For the record, it was a good deal, and I loved the pictures because they did really hip digital editing to them.  But as a rule, I go cheap.   I let the kids pick it all. They pick their outfits and their backgrounds and I don't edit them in those choices at all.  For instance, Little picked a red background, and this year, he made a valiant attempt to match the background.  When he was picking the way-too small polo shirt, which he hasn't worn since, uh, kindergarten, I said, "are you sure you want to wear red and be against a red background?"  He replied, "yea, it will look more bloodier."  So, okay, there you have it.  Red on red.  Middle picked that shirt off of the clearance rack at Kohl's and she loves it.  It's so very touch-ably soft and comfy and it's gymnastics team colors, so she loves it.  She calls it her "droopy shirt".  She was more about accessorizing (see the handmade glass bead bracelet and the tiny necklace?) than apparel.  She's into details like that and she'll remember that she made that bracelet for herself forever.   I don't much care about the sizes of photos.  I don't give them to anyone.  They are for our own personal records and keepsakes.    Yes, I label the backs. See captions.  I like their height and weight on there.  Call me anal. I print extra labels so that I can put that info next to the photo in their school albums and in the school file box.   See, call me anal.  I missed my calling as an organizer.  It gives me a high.  Back to photos.   So far, and I'm not sure this will stay . . . . kids don't exchange photos like they did when we were little.  They just snap photos of each other doing stupid things on their phones, and a picture like this doesn't go into that special place.  It doesn't carry the meaning that it used to.  It's not signed and you don't have to spend time worrying if your message is stupid or delivering pictures to friends.  Thank God.  Middle school is complicated enough without school photo drama superimposed.  Big would rather have a picture of her bestie with  nachos hanging out of her mouth or of one of  her volleyball friends trying to balance a volleyball on her nose.  Anyhoo . . . . Eleven bucks.  Each of the packages above was $11.  Mimi hasn't had school pictures yet this semester.  Big missed her school picture day for an orthodontics appointment.  She'll also miss re-take day.  Hmm.  I'll try to snap a picture of her with nachos hanging out of her mouth to commemorate the semester.

What else, Homey?  Gimme another question . . . and answer the same.

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