Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Mimi is getting to be hilarious.  Just gut wrenching, knee-slapping hilarious.  She's the toddler queen of one liners and she plainly sees life and all that happens around her through completely different lenses.  I've started a list in my phone, that I'm now capturing here . . .

Usually, her most profound laughables being with a thoughtful, "Mom, did you know . . . "

She is having an internal rule voted upon, bill passed, or making a decision about something global within the confines of her own mind.  It's plainly visible on her face.  She'll be doing something like jumping on my bed, then suddenly stop stock still and say, "Mom, did you know  . . hippos poop super big."

Usually, my eyes widen and I just agree.

Of late, these have been chart toppers that have just caught me off guard.

"Mom, did you know . . octopuses and sharks have NO bones in them. How can that EVEN be?"

"Mom, did you know . . . if you had an empty tissue box, you could use it for a piggy bank."

"Mom, did you know . . . hippos poop super big."

"Mom, did you know . . . dad knows everything about nut sacs."

"Mom, did you know . . . ice melts into water."

"Mom, did you know . . . when it's day on one side of the world, it's night on the other."

Speaking of other side of the world, she also said, "Mom, I learned that in China and Japan, where is that anyway?  Well, it's on the other side of the world and they write upside down and backward.  Like, they right from crayon hand (this is what she calls her right hand) to bracelet hand (her left).   Is that because they're upside down of us?"   Insightful.

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