Monday, September 10, 2012

The Last Ball Game . . .

Finally!! A picture with Sox.  The kids have practically been stalking him all season . . . wanting pictures and autographs.  Middle wanted to do a handstand on the dugout for a free t-shirt.  He is so fun to watch and has one bodacious bootie wiggle!  Check out Mimi's panicked get-me-away-from-him look!

The last ball game of the summer is sort-of a sad event for me.  I really like ball games.  Is that weird for a chick?  Anyway, over Labor Day weekend, we had tickets for two . . . the last night game where the Avengers were assembling and the last day game, on Labor Day. 

The night game was awesome.  Super fun.  I was bummed that Tulo and Giambi weren't playing, but we still had a really good time and the fireworks were Ahhh-mazing.  Absolutely amazing.

The last day game was HOT.  Holy hot.  The kind of hot that makes the air get stuck in your throat.  It was almost a two-snow-cone game for me and the kids.  Which means it was much, much more than a two beer game for daddy.  Combine beer with ball game and daddy and "happy daddy" made an appearance.  Happy, tipsy, borderline drunk daddy was hilarious and one of the kids even said, "was daddy like this when you guys were dating?"  Funny.

Anyhoo . . . . after the game, all the spectators are allowed on the field, which I think is SO stinkin' cool.  Just to stand in the batter's box or go all the way out to centerfield and look IN toward the stadium is such awesome perspective.  So we did . . .

Hot, hot, hot.  We all look a mess, but it was super-fun!! 

It's a long way from way out here!! That's one heck of an arm . . . 

Big planking in the middle of centerfield.  Nice. 

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