Friday, September 28, 2012

Random Things in Photo Form

I like flowers.  These were a nice addition to brighten the kitchen in the post surgery window.
And, bonus!  They are still alive!  

Lids.  One of the smartest things I have EVER done in  my career as a mother is let my children collect trash.  Well, not all trash.  Lids, specifically.  We have hundreds of lids in cool bins and they use them for everything from horse tanks to animal fishtanks.  They make great manipulatives for teaching math, awesome paint reservoirs, perfect little pallets for painting itty-bitty projects.  Collecting lids was a really, really good idea. 

Middle is happy.  Well, happi-ER.  She got clearance this week to swing bars, so she gets to DO something at the gym . . . other than endless time on the elliptical, stretching & strength.  I picked her up on Tuesday and she was swinging giants (thank the Gods, she hadn't lost it).  On top of it, John Orozco was at the gym.  He's in town with the Kellogg's Tour of Champions and he stopped by to make some dreams come true.  He signed her sweatshirt and she was on cloud nine. 

Mimi wore Little's underwear to school on Wednesday.
Long. Awkward.  Pause. While you think about that. 

Dear Costco, If you fill the kiddie area up with stuff, my child has to either (1) stay with you in the store or (2) ride on the end like you keep telling me NOT to do.  I like her on the end.  She think the rumble strip is fun.  This is pre-surgery, by the way.  I'm not lifting.  I swear, I'm not.  

Isn't this spider cool?  This is Charlotte.  She got the bomb-diggity spot in our yard.  She comes down every night to chomp what's in the net, and spends the rest of the day up under the eve of our kitchen bay window.  The net is gonna look so cool with the first frost.  It's right outside the kitchen and we've had so much fun watching this spider! 

Inquiring minds want to know.  I want to know, but I really can't find the answer.
Why do some trees (this one is our Maple in the front yard) have a single branch that turns color long before the rest of the tree?   Someone please comment and tell me. 


Disney Redhead said...

I've noticed trees around here (typically Maples) doing that as well. I have no real idea. But my guess is that perhaps that branch wasn't getting as much water as the rest? I think trees that change early change because of less maybe that's why one branch would change early too?

Homestead said...

And you can hammer a milk carton lid onto a cardboard box to be the blast off button. And you can make a cool matching/memory game from milk carton lids. And if they are spray painted black and glued on a box they make excellent burners for a camping stove.

Hey... are those squinkees? They are adorable little animals.

Ok. Googled John Orozco. Cool.

No comment on the panties. No comment.

It makes me crazy when they fill the kiddie spot or, worse, fold it up and fill the cart solid.... not so much now that all of mine can walk but when they were tiny I once made a little boy repack my cart and told him it was a life lesson... watch out for moms.

I know nothing about trees. But that red sure is pretty.