Monday, September 10, 2012

One Last Thing . . .

Last Family Vacation . . . . We did Orlando, Florida in mid-June.  Disney, Universal Studios & the whole 9-yards.  It's good to have checked that box, but it wasn't our cup of tea and we likely won't opt for a Disney-type vacation again.

Last Thing I Cooked . . .  Well, there's a lasagna in the oven right now, but I didn't cook it.  I just unwrapped it.  I am making the breadsticks that are going with it, though.  Cooking and baking are different to me.

Last Game I Played  . . . Mimi is wild about card games right now, so every day, I play at least 100 games of Go Fish, Old Maid or War.  She's gonna be great at poker and I've started teaching her basics.

Last Time I Took Public Transportation . . .  Uh, the light rail.  Denver.  Probably two years ago.

Last Splurge . . . We've been on a complete spending freeze, so my last splurge was probably during that family vacation to Orlando.  I guess I splurged on school supplies, but I really thought Mimi needed a new box of crayons, too.  They were 24 cents, and I hardly call that a splurge.

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