Monday, September 10, 2012

Oh Boy . . .

Could life get any crazier?  Be any busier?

I'm working on coordinating the main fundraiser at the elementary school.  It's absolutely crazy . . . lots of little things that I'm just hoping and praying come together for a perfect autumn night.  Hoping.  Praying.  Work is absolutely nutty right now.  Busy, busy, busy.

Big broke another bracket.  Seriously.  I think our orthodontist needs better glue.  Second one.  Already.  The girl has only had braces for a month.  And it's not like she's munching down on hard candy, carmel corn & gummy bears.  It's salad, for the love of Pete.

Middle.  Ah, Middle.  Broken back.  To be continued.

Little.  Thank Heavens for stability and predictability.  It's him, through and through.

Mimi.  Started school.   She's all kinds of big now.  Very independent.  Very full of herself.  Very worldly and knowledgable.  She'll be over-preaperd when kindergarten time rolls around next year.  She just will be.

I've been (cough, cough) sick again.  Allergies.  Then a head cold.  Then a chest cold.  It's hanging around.

MOTH.  Hurt his back.  He's been hobbling around, complaining very little but silently suffering in a very visible way.  Poor guy.  Three bad backs in one house.  It's a sad month around here.

I have pictures to post from this summer, when I have time to sit and catch up.  Right now, I just want to keep my head above water.  Ten days until surgery.  I'm getting a bit nervous.

Two hours until I pick up kids today -- early because they all have dentist appointments.  Two hours.  And I still need a shower and a workout.  Might not get it all done today.  Sad, sad, sad.

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