Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday, Monday, la la lalalah.

Or perhaps it should be blah-la, blah-la-la.

So.  It's Monday.  And I have some massive catching up to do.  Massive catching up.  My in-basket is full to the brim.  Overflowing.  Over-friggin'-flowing.  But I'm blogging instead.  As is my style when I have a scattered brain, I shall make a list.  Here are the things rattling around in the forefront of my mind.

1.  Anyone remember my rants about FlexSpending last year?  Yeah. I'm STILL trying to sort that shit out.  Bad word.  Bad word.  It's definitely been more of a pain in the ass than it's been worth this year.  And now, with Middle's fractured back and bills beginning to arrive for medical miscellany including a $580 MRI, I could really use that flex money that we so wisely set aside.  Ah, if only it were available and hadn't been taken from the wrong calendar year.  Grrr.  Hiss.
2.  Surgery.  I had surgery on Thursday.  It went well.   I think.  Obviously, I was out cold, but it really hasn't been that bad.  Yes, there is pain, but in my most honest moments, it's just a different kind of pain -- not really any worse than the every day pain I was experiencing before.   I had a partial hysterectomy.  My awesome doctor was able to salvage both of my ovaries.  He's awesome like that, plus he didn't want to pay for laser hair removal of my Mexican-teenage-boy-moustache if he had to take both ovaries, too.  Saving the ovaries was a miracle since they were infested (yes, infested) with ginormous cysts.  So, I'm on to a life with no uterus .  . .
3.  Middle's back is still broken.  Yes, it's been a full month.  We've been through the waiting game.  She is climbing the walls.  Meets are truly torturous hell.  She desperately wants to go and be part of it all, but not being in her competition leo and taking part in everything is a very painful reminder of all the things she cannot do.  I am doing my level best to embrace the life lesson.  Still, I have to admit, "this sucks."
4.  Big turns 13 this week.  Officially.  Thirteen.  Really?  Am I that old?  I guess I'm old enough to have no uterus, so that's old enough to have a teenager.  Still, ee-gads.
5.  Fall festival at school is still consuming me.  I have a lot  (A LOT) of work to do for it.  I'll start again today.  I needed a few days of nothingness post surgery.
6.  Meals.  Friends are bringing meals.  That is really, really helpful.  It's one of those things that I didn't really realize the value of until . . . . and now every chance I get to participate in an "I'll bring you a meal" program, I jump on it . . . cause it sure is nice!
7.  Hospital water pitchers are cool.
8.  Middle.  Room make-over for her birthday.  Start thinking.  Go.
9.  Holy cow . . it's almost October.  That means Christmas is right around the corner.  Panic is nearly setting in.
10.  The time goes so fast.  I have to go pick up Mimi.  Yes, I'm safe to drive.  Fear not.  I'd walk, but it's kind of far .  . . and I'm actually not sure I can make it there and back.


Homestead said...

What is the theme for Middle's room?

We are moving the girls into our room this weekend. The theme is, um, princesses and elephants. Yes. Ponder that.

Do you have a pinterest board started for her room design? I'll go look.

What's the best meal so far?

Maisy said...

I missed you and am relieved to hear you are feeling better. I had a dream about you last night. We were in high school, but with wisdom beyond our years. Love those dreams!

Take care!