Friday, September 28, 2012

It's official . . . .

. . . . I'm the mother of a teenager.  Note to self:  sending her a Dora card on her birthday every year did not work to keep her little and young.  Oh, no.  She's a teen.  But not a terrible teen.  She's a terrific teen.  Terrific, for sure . . . .

Drumroll, please. 
Here she is . . Big.  Now Thirteen. 
Oh, yea, welcome to the wonderful world of orthodontics. 
I'm pro-ortho all the way, especially in kids where you can use the growth of their jaw and mouth to prevent costly and lengthy adult oral appliances later.  

We're 6 weeks in to ortho with Big.  She's broken two brackets already. 
Awesome.  But that's another blog.  This is her birthday, for Pete's sake. 

Look, I'm sidetracked already.
Check out this awesome french fishtail that I wind into a conch shell looking bun.
It holds all day and all night and looks perfectly messy.
I should have been a beautician. 

Happy birthday breakfast muffin.
We're cool like that. 

Ooh.  I let the little siblings go ape shit in her room with birthday banners,
streamers & a portable helium tank.  Here's what they did in only 40 minutes. 

Happy birthday to you . . .
Happy birthday to you  . . .
Happy birthday dear Big Kid,
Happy birthday to you! 

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