Friday, August 24, 2012

Two More Books . . .

War Brides, by Helen Bryan . . . . Very good read . . . Sometimes complicated storyline with lots of characters that are sometimes hard to keep track of, but a great story.  I've been moderately attracted to WWII books since my dad's death and I totally enjoyed the cast of characters (however complicated) mixed with the historical truths and vivid descriptions of London's last days.   I don't generally love a book that spans decades . . . they bore me, but I did find a bit of enjoyment with this one.

Garden of Lies, Eileen Goudge . . . Holy Mother, go get this book.  I thought it was flippin' amazing.  I loved it from the "oh, no she didn't" moments at the very beginning (of which I can definately recall four or five) to the "ahhh" moments at the end.  I absolutely enjoyed this one.  When one author, across one book, in a single character can make me this mad, sad, hostile, angry, emotional, teary, sad . . . . I suppose that's the greatest compliment an author can earn.  Eileen Goudge . . congrats . . . a job well done!

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