Friday, August 10, 2012

Camping a la Backyard

I'm all about camping in the backyard, if for nothing else . . . the proximity of the bathroom.  
Really, I do love to wake up outside and I love the smell of fresh morning air. 

Setting up was fun.  We just about emptied the entire linen closet. 

This year, we invited friends over and we set up a "kids" tent . . . there were six of them, and a "mommies" tent.  

At 3:09 in the morning, a couple of little turkeys woke up and started giggling.  The mommy tent woke just long enough to say, "really?  they're up?  and unzip the flap far enough to see that they had snuck inside for a can of whipped cream, then come back to write this on outside our tent flap."  So cute. 

What would camping be without a little rain.
Okay by me.  S'mores on the stove and the Olympics on TV, then sleep outside.
It was a perfect campout, in my opinion! 

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