Thursday, August 09, 2012

A Wee Bit of Random Catching Up

Yea, I've been gone.

I've been sick.

Uh, VERY sick.

As a sick-o-meter, I'll just say this:  I went to the doctor.  Yes, I was THAT sick.  And, I'm not all that much better.  But today, I don't have as much of an overwhelming urge to lay down and die, so that is an improvement, no matter how small.  The good news is:  it's not what they originally thought.  Yes, I'm being vague.  The bad news is:  there was a "subsequent finding" on one of the tests.  It's concerning.  Can we all mutter a collective, "crap."

On to happier things . . . .
I finally got around to syncing my phone.  When I do that, I get such a great scrapbook of previous events and I usually blog a bunch of them.  I quite like it. So, more coming later this week, provided I'm not completely horizontal.

All righty then.  I'm being swarmed by muchkins so can't finish this in the way that I had planned.  Hmm. Side-tracked again.  Story of my life.

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