Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm sick.


Or something.

At any rate, I'm sick.  And miserable.  My head is feeling great big and I'm tired.  Really, really tired.

Monday, August 27, 2012


Mimi came in at 6:04.  "I'm scared of the branches scratching my window."
We snuggled and I told her, for about the 18th time, that I'd trim them today.  Yea, that didn't get done. I can't flippin' reach.  She went back to sleep in the crook of my arm, but my mind was wide awake.

So I got up.

And checked email.
And sent email.
Checked in on work.
There was so much in there I quit before I started and went to the school stuff.
Sent an email to all of Middle's teachers . . . . activity restrictions, back fracture, emotional stuff.  That was tough to write.  Processed a 31 return.  Went back to work.  Responded to a few things.  Filed a few things.  Tried specifically to do the things that wouldn't suck me in too far, since I'd have to abandon desk chair to get the kids up in short order.

Made coffee.  Made myself sit outside for five minutes and watch the squirrel. I do love the crazy antics of the little bushy tailed troublemaker we call Doorknob.

Came in.  Got the kids going.  Made breakfast.  Signed  planners.  Wrote notes.  Paid PTA dues.  Packed lunches.  Packed snacks.  Tied shoes and I was out the door with the elementary crew on time.  We walked.  It was already hot at 7:50 am.  I walked home.  Helped Mimi with her scooter and we walked Big to school.  I almost caused a crash from someone pointing out the window and laughing at me riding a scooter with Mimi down the street.  Whatev.  Speaking of which, I HATE the word whatever.  Laziest word in the world.  But I said it anyway.

Got home.  Started Mimi coloring.  Called the orthodontist.  Rescheduled Middle.  Rescheduled Little.  Called the pediatrician.  Rescheduled Middle.  Rescheduled Little.  I can't be on an operating table and at a well-child check in the same hour.  I guess well children will have to wait.  Called Middle's PT . .  can we get another pain patch?  Speaking of which, those buggers are a God-send.

MOTH texted . . . . work started rolling in.  Mimi's doing stickers now.  I needed coffee but opted for a protein bar and water.  Happy with my choice.  I took Mimi outside with a stop watch.  She times me and cheered me on while I did plios and a fast-at-home workout.  Not really that fun.  Had a long conversation with business partner.  Sigh.  We have a lot of things to do.  We are overwhelmed.  But we've identified some of the problem.  Now, if we could just find a fix.

Started receiving email replies about Middle's back.

Shower.  Quick get ready.  Puzzle with Mimi.  Another puzzle with Mimi.  Lunch.  Turkey wrap.  Happy with another good decision.  Made dinner.  Happy by feeling maternal and prepared.  Had a fundraising meeting with a bunch of awesome mom-friends.  We're getting a ton of things done and I'm so glad.

Put Mim on her bike.  Walked to get the elementary school kids.  They both looked terrible.  Little's frustrated with one of his pullouts, "We have to write an ESSAY . . . and I don't even know what that means!!!"  He's exasperated but effected enough to cry.  Sad.  Middle's at the kitchen table crying in frustration because she can't figure out how much fat is in 3 pounds of pastrami if it's 15% fat content.  Sad.   I did math.  With both of them.  I did homework.  They snacked.  On apples.  Happy with a good choice for them.  I loaded Middle and took her to pick up her new glasses, then zoomed back into the neighborhood to pick up Big.

Big's home and I realize I forgot to pick up french bread.  No time to make it.  Middle's bored to tears.  She can't jump on the trampoline.  She can't run in the backyard.  She can't DO anything.  She can't swing on monkey bars.  She's frustrated beyond words.  MOTH loads her back up and they go up to the Dollar Store looking for team building gifts for the first meet.  She wants to make something for each of her team mates since she can't compete.  I can't argue with that logic, even though we are on a spending freeze.  And they can pick up French Bread while I work with Big.  She has her first math quiz tomorrow.  On a sidenote . . . . I wasn't aware she was in 9th grade math.  Hmmm.  Again, lazy word.  Whatev.  But it's a fast-paced class.  Holy cow.  I'm a little worried about her missing all of 5th grade and all of 8th grade math.  Hmm.  I'm going to ponder that.  And she has fundraising stuff she wants to work on.  And science homework.  She spreads out and takes up the whole darn kitchen at homework time.

I'm still working.  Sending emails.  Dealing with some PTA stuff.  Texting the PA about Middle's back.  Aye, aye, aye . . . preliminary MRI results look like she already fractured her left side, too.

Dinner.  Was delish.  Middle's still restless and begging for some exercise.  I abandon dished, laundry and house clean up and take her to the pool.  We swim for 30 minutes.  I'll blog about swimming later.  This is what I know:  I needed it as much as she did.  When we get home, Big is done, MOTH has put Mimi to bed and is reading to Little, the dishes are done, the laundry is switched and there is a nice, cool breeze blowing through the house.  Hallelujah, I say.

I'm blogging.  Then tucking the big girls in.  Then sitting on my butt until I fall asleep and start this daily, crazy life again . . . hopefully tomorrow at 6:30 instead of 6:04.  Oh, and I've got to trim those darn branches!!!

This week . . . .

Meals this week . . . because I'm inspiring Homestead . . . .

Sunday . . . .  spaghetti night . . MOTH made it.  He likes to make spaghetti.  I just like it when someone else (anyone else) cooks.

Monday . . . . Crock Pot Lasagna . . . Oh, holy mother, it was wildly successful.  Leftover sauce from last night's spaghetti night, cheese mixture plus no bake lasagna noodles.  In the crock pot.  Fix it and forget it.  And it was delish!

Tuesday . . . . French Dips, also a la crock pot.

Wednesday . . . . BFD . . . That's breakfast for dinner.  This week, it's pancakes, hash browns & scrambled eggs.  We love BFD night.

Thursday . . . Fish . . . salmon with broccoli and quinoa.  Tragically healthy . . . one of my favorites.

Friday . . . Fend for yourself and forage night.

Saturday . . . . We have tickets to the ballgame, and after two weeks of home cookin', I'm kind-of looking forward to a pizza at the ballpark.

I'm wondering . . . .
If you were a man in 1919 and came across this photo/advertisement,
wouldn't you just keep on drinking?  

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Office carpet . . . .

Can you tell I'm cleaning off my desktop this morning?

My carpet resource, ie: neighbor that owns a flooring store, found a remnant that fits in my office.  After a year of waiting, watching & looking, it's IN!  $200 for a new room of carpet . . . . . YEAH!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Meal Planning . .. .

I'm trying to embrace meal planning.  For a person who doesn't really love to cook, meal planning is, um, what's the word . . . oh, I know . . . hell.  However, I have discovered that when I have a successful week of meal planning and it goes well, I stick to the plan and execute, I feel really maternal and successful.  This week, despite the litany of medical things that cropped up, I did stick with it.  I meant to blog my plan last week, but here it is instead.

Sunday . . . I had a meeting so MOTH took the kids out for Back-To-School dinner.  They went to Old Chicago and came home with 1/2 calzones for lunchboxes. Bonus.

Monday . .  Tiny Shells with Bolognese and white sauce.  We had spaghetti on Saturday night & I did a double batch of sauce to carry lunches and leftovers through the week.   Salad.  I made homemade breadsticks with Mimi during the day.

Tuesday . . . Lettuce wraps.  MOTH was fulfilling our Bingo obligation to Middle's gymnastics booster club.  I usually make something with chicken on Bingo nights because MOTH doesn't eat chicken.  The kids, however, chow it right down.  Leftovers went into Middle's lunchbox the next day and I made four rice balls for snacks.

Wednesday . . . by request from Middle . . . home made calzones.  Along with two extras for lunch boxes.  I made pizza dough in the Ninja and it was da bomb.  Must do that again . . .

Thursday  . . . was an all around crappy day.  It called for comfort food and I was lucky enough to have it on the menu.  This cheesy potato skillet.  New recipe for us.  I made dinner and left it on the stove to get to Big's Open House at Middle School . . . but MOTH text me during AP Science to say, "this is frickin' yummy."  That's my husband.  Very, very eloquent.

Friday . . . . Fend.  I call it Fend.  As in, Fend For Yourself.  FFY night.  Or Forage night.  There was leftover everything.

Also this week, I made bran muffins for morning (I know, but my kids AND husband love them), and applesauce muffins for breakfasts.  I made a pasta salad for lunch boxes, a cucumber salad that's always a hit around here & an extra batch of noodles for the fridge.

On the dollars and sense side of meal planning, I've been on a personal mission to crack down.  Nothing pisses me off more than wasted grocery money.  I feel exhausted and defeated with grocery shopping and having the grandest of plans and then aborting a well placed meal mission for "let's order pizza."  And I get really in a twist when I clean out the fridge and have to throw away ingredients that have gone un-used.  I hate wasting money.  I hate wasting money.  I hate wasting money.  So . . .  for now the second consecutive month, I've done "big" grocery shopping on one single day.  Last grocery shopping mission is circled in red on the calendar.  It was August 17th.  I may pop in and out of the grocery store for fresh produce or small things, but I'm not doing another big run until September 17th . . . which is the week I'm scheduled for surgery.   Once per month.  I can do it.

I've also given a go two new methods.  Well, new for me.  One:  freezer to crock pot meals.  The recipe batch that I found was primarily chicken, and in a "MOTH doesn't like chicken" household, that's a tough, but I did a couple of freezer to crock pot things that we're trying.   I love the idea.  Second, a method where you make one thing at the beginning of the week and re-purpose it through the next few meals.  I think it's a Rachel Ray thing.  I did it with spaghetti sauce this week and am planning to modify that just slightly this week.

Recipes.  I've been collecting all of mine in one spot (not here).  I'm really liking having them all there.  I can pull them up in the kitchen from the iPad.  So easy.  No little cards or papers stuck to the counters.  I'll link them if they are recorded, otherwise, I guess I just added to my to-do list.  Does it surprise anyone how many things are in your head . . .  like how to make cucumber salad, even through it's never been written down . . . you just remember your mom doing it.

And that's all I have to say about meal planning this morning.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Two More Books . . .

War Brides, by Helen Bryan . . . . Very good read . . . Sometimes complicated storyline with lots of characters that are sometimes hard to keep track of, but a great story.  I've been moderately attracted to WWII books since my dad's death and I totally enjoyed the cast of characters (however complicated) mixed with the historical truths and vivid descriptions of London's last days.   I don't generally love a book that spans decades . . . they bore me, but I did find a bit of enjoyment with this one.

Garden of Lies, Eileen Goudge . . . Holy Mother, go get this book.  I thought it was flippin' amazing.  I loved it from the "oh, no she didn't" moments at the very beginning (of which I can definately recall four or five) to the "ahhh" moments at the end.  I absolutely enjoyed this one.  When one author, across one book, in a single character can make me this mad, sad, hostile, angry, emotional, teary, sad . . . . I suppose that's the greatest compliment an author can earn.  Eileen Goudge . . congrats . . . a job well done!

One Last Thing . . .

The last time I cried . . . . today.  This morning.  And also this afternoon.

Last greeting card I sent . . . I'm not much of a greeting card girl.  I wish people could appreciate that.  Not everyone is a greeting card kind of person.  I just sent a whole bunch of thank you notes, though.  I do believe in the thank you note.  Except for with family.  I don't generally believe a formal thank you note is required for close family.  I also just sent a card to Homestead.

Last indulgence . . . Shopping in the as-seen-on-TV row at Walgreens.  I bought a gyro-bowl.  I love it.  It's so cool.

Last song that made me rock out . . . Up All Night or Everything About You . . . One Direction.  I was blasting it when I pulled into the middle school parking lot in an effort to embarrass Big.  It didn't work.  On a side note, I do like One Direction.  I am SO not too old for a Boy Band.

Last TV show I watched . . . Design Star All Stars, The Finale.  I'm so happy for Leslie.


Years can go by and you can use a word in your everyday vocabulary for all that time.  Then, suddenly, a single event occurs and truly defines the word . . . just one action or emotion or series of events gives you a new definition for the word.

That's where we are with the word "devastated."

We are, in a word, DEVASTATED.

First, let me put it in a timeline.  I'm being cryptic, I know, so I'll blurt out the bottom line and then get into explaining.

Middle's back is broken.  

Okay, there.  I said it.  Tears are flooding my eyes now.  But I said it.  I'll say it again and again until it the words stop making me cry.  Middle's back is broken.  She has a fracture.  She has a fracture . . . in her back.

About four weeks ago, Middle began complaining of "a little" pain in her right side of her back, but only when she did certain things.  And by things, I mean .  . . getting out of a chair could illicit this odd twangy pain .  . or switching positions at night, but she was fine at the gym doing skills for routines.  It was when she, "bent over to pick up grips" or "stepped off of a mat crooked" that the pain came around.

So .  . .

I brought her home.  I did comfort measures with her and it worked.  Ice helped.  Heat helped.  Motrin kept everything at bay.  And the story was beginning to wind down.

But certain things were still bugging her, so I went to her coaches.  Disclaimer for which I am not being paid:  Her coaches are pretty stinkin' awesome.  They are good listeners and they know her well enough to see through the tough facade.  Finally, the "pain" happened during practice.  Luckily, one of the coaches is a physical therapist with strong connections in the gymnastics community.  During one practice, he looked at her.  His assessment was to see a gymnastics specialized physical therapist.  He recommended Allison, who is a former coach and gymnast that now sees all the team girls for injuries ranging from minor to major.  We went.  And it helped.  It helped a lot.  She had a pelvic torsion and a single joint in her back that was, simply stated, stuck in extension.  That's that.  Pelvic torsion is a relatively simple fix and the back issue was beginning to resolve.  Incidentally, both of these things happened last year, during a "growth spurt; and we were able to stretch and work through it.  So again, the story was beginning to wind down.

We continued comfort measures at home.  She had a modified routine at the gym, working to tolerance on everything except walkovers.  No walkovers.  Period. Stretching, yes.  Walkovers, no.

Then school started.
Things were going really well.
The first week of school with a full week of gymnastics sucks.  There's no way around it.  We've found that the best way to deal with it is to talk about the "tired" and acknowledge the whole situation with "this sucks."

Tuesday night, I picked Middle up from the gym and she was guarding her core and working hard not to cry.  Once in the car, she cried and said she was getting frustrated with activity restrictions.  Competitive season begins in two weeks and she admitted to feeling panicky about not having been able to do full routines.  She's tired of being injured and misses being able to go all-out.   We talked about injuries and inflammation and healing time, and we talked about getting more information at her final PT appointment, which was scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.   She was quite obviously in terrible emotional pain, but she said she "wasn't dying".  She said that her back and leg were hurting and that she did a lot of dance during practice.  The nurse in me always wants quantifiable information.  She rated her pain at 4/10.  Not that bad, really.  (Incidentally, this is a frequent question in my house.  I ask her to give me her pain number all the time.  It's been a 1-2-3 pretty consistently.)

Wednesday morning, she was up early.  Stretching. I put her on a TENS during breakfast.  She took a Motrin with her breakfast and walked to school.  No problems in sight.  No intense pain.  Nothing to write home about.  In the early afternoon, I went to school to sign her out early so that we could make her PT appointment on time and she was in pain.  Not her back.  She was limping.  As she described it, "it all settled in my hip."  She said pain was the worst it had ever been and gave me a 5 out of 10.

* As a side note on pain scale . . . I have to say something about my daughter and it goes like this:  Holy, Crap, she is a Tough Mudder. **

Weird.  Hip pain.  No back pain at all.  All hip pain.

PT couldn't do much with her.  She was a spasmy ball of mess.  So I took her home and treated pain and did lots of comfort measures.  She likes massage and the TENS best.   We got an appointment to see the team's ortho doc.  Amazingly, we were able to get an appointment for the next day.  But for the grace of God . . . .

Fast forward to Thursday morning.  8:30 appointment.  X-rays.  Pain in good control.  We were dorking around in the treatment room yukking it up about her gown and super-awesome shorts when the bomb dropped.

She has a PARS fracture at L4.  I know Matt was talking to us, but we both stopped listening at "out for the season".   I had to ask him to pause.  I remember saying, "Okay, we need a minute.  One or both of  us is going to cry now."  And we both cried.  She sobbed those enormous body wracking sobs that come from the place so deep that you didn't even know they could be there.  I cried because she was crying.  In a moment frozen forever in my mind, I held Middle as she sobbed and glanced past her to where Mimi was sitting in the treatment chairs beside her.  Mimi's face was so incredibly solemn and full of pain for her sister.  She reached her little hand out and just started rubbing Middle's back.  That tiny act of sisterly compassion only made me cry harder.

On and off throughout the day yesterday, we both cried.  No reason.  Some reason.  Good reason.  Tears just kind-of turned off and on like a faucet.  The trick right now is for her to not look at me when she is crying, because it sets me off like a chain reaction.  However, in all honesty, there were several times yesterday when we just cried and hugged and I said, 'I'm so sorry that this is happening to you."  Late last night, she was still deep in denial.  "Maybe it's a dream."  "Why does it have to be three months?"   She had begun to put a few words on it:  devastated, crushed, disappointed, sad.  And she had begun to ask questions, "Do I still go to meets? Am I allowed on the floor with the team?  Can I march in with them?"  And she had begun to ask logistics questions about level 6 qualifying scores, how she might obtain that, could she still compete as a 7 in the spring?

This is the worst timing ever.  From a timing perspective, the season starts on September 8th.  State is on December 1st.  Our from diagnosis day for three months means she is out from August 23rd to November 23rd.   That equates to ALL of the meets, except for one . . . state.  And in order to compete at state, you must have been in a meet during the season to obtain a qualifying score.

And . . . as if that wasn't enough.  This morning, she is having an MRI.  We need to determine how old this fracture is.  It would actually be a good thing if it were an OLD fracture and she had already begun laying down new bone.  Also, discovered on x-ray yesterday is a congenital abnormality at L4, so we're looking to see if the left side is dangerously thin, has already broken and is healed, or is in eminent danger of fracturing, which would be catastrophic, as then the vertebral body wouldn't be attached to anything and COULD easily slide forward.  Not a good scenario.

So, this is where we are today.  This is where we are in this minute.  Here are the things that  have struck me:

(1) Middle has not yet entertained the notion of letting this be the end of gymnastics.  I have not said, "Do you want this to be the end?"  But throughout her whole life as a gymnast, we have, from a parenting perspective, always, always said, "Just say the word.  If a time comes where you aren't having fun, don't feel successful or feel like the sacrifice isn't worth it, just say the word."  I always add, "Just please say THAT word at the end of the month, so I don't pay on the 1st."
(2) She's tough.  Man, is she tough.  I'm in awe of her strength, and I'm really proud of her.
(3) She's growing in a way I didn't see until yesterday.  She IS able to differentiate mental strength from physical and she's able to put words on it.   She's able to talk to me about it.

And, I don't think I could end this without two more things.

First, I don't care WHAT kind of parent you are or what kind of athlete your child is, everyone thinks that gymnastics moms are nuts.  Everyone thinks that mothers of gymnasts are just living vicariously though their child and that they should have forced them to quit, or maybe never started.  I am very aware that when I record stories of gymnastics motherhood, I might get that.  I understand.  Now, please, everyone else understand that you can't possibly understand.  Until and unless you are here or have been here, you simply can't understand.  Just try to appreciate.  And feel free to stop reading.  If you don't want an honest perspective on what we are going through, don't read.

In the spirit of searching for a silver lining, I must write these things:
1.  A bony injury is much, much, much better than a soft tissue injury, for both the short term and long term.  So, if we're thanking someone today, I'd like to thank God for a fracture instead of a disc or spinal cord injury.
2.  PARS fractures are common.  Common fractures are a good thing to have.  It means that there is a recipe for treatment and rehab.  It's not an experiment.
3.  There's no spinal cord at the L4 level, so ending up paralyzed, even in a worse case scenario, isn't possible.  L4 fracture is much, much, much better than T3.
4.  Lower body injuries are better than upper body injuries for gymnasts.  It just makes sense.  Think of the arm and upper body strength required for, well, everything.  An upper body injury would put her out for the year, instead of just the season.

Breathe in.  Breathe out.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1st day of school

Ack!  Where did my summer go?  I've been meaning to put together a post on "oh, crap . . it's almost over!", but I got busy filling the last few days of summer with fun things (well, and scheduling surgery, but that's a different post, too.)

So, yesterday was the first day of school for Big, Middle and Little.  Mimi won't start until after Labor Day . . . . .

This is one of the pictures that we parents just MUST take.  I'm going back through oldies to find 1st day of school pictures for every year, just for shits and giggles.  And, now . . . .

1st day of third grade.  He's 8 years old, 49 inches tall and weighs  61 pounds.
He loves all things superhero. 

1st day of fifth grade.  She's ten years old, 54 inches tall and weighs 70 pounds.
She's wearing a skirt!!   

1st day of seventh grade.  She's 12 years old, 5'2" tall, which is officially the same height as I am and is
wearing sparkly braces on all of her teeth. 

The H's are not impressed. 

In the spirit of MacKayla Maroney's Silver Medal podium face . . . (have you seen it?), here is our first day of school group picture.  If you haven't checked out the Mackayla's not impressed tumblr, go there now and laugh for a while . . . .  

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Crackin' the whip during summer . . . .

We just do. 
I don't know why. 
Just about every afternoon, we have something that we call Q.T. 
It stands for Quiet Time. 

The kids can read. 
Or color. 
Or write in their summer journals. 
Or work on a quiet thing. 
But no TV. 
No video games. 
Being together is not permitted. 

And usually in late June, I crack the whip on school review.   
On this day, Mimi was working in a workbook doing numbers & letters.  
Middle and Little were doing math facts. 
And Big was doing a Khan Academy tutorial on adding/subtracting integers. 


Monday, August 13, 2012

One Last Thing . . .

Last junk food I ate .  . . homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Last celeb crush . . . uh, Adam Levine, last season of The Voice.  New Season starts in less than a month and I can NOT wait.

Last time I cursed .  . . . Today, I'm sure.  I have a mouth like a sailor from time to time and tend to use foul language for humor.

Last injury I sustained . . . . Broken toe.  It was just this summer.  Broken toes hurt like the dickens.

2012-2013 Supply List(s)

Ah-hem.  It's that time of the year again . . . . .

Little needs: 
Funds ‐ $14.00 per student

1 glue sticks, large
1 bottle school glue, white
48 #2 pencils (please sharpen first)
2 erasers, pink
4 red ballpoint pens
2 highlighters
1 set of colored pencils
1 box crayons, 24 count
2 sets of markers, 1 fine point and 1 broad point (Crayola brand is recommended)
2 packages (4 count) dry erase markers, 1 fine point and 1 broad point
1 ruler (standard and metric)
1 pair scissors, 5 inch, pointed, high quality
1 zippered pencil bag
4 composition notebooks, wide‐lined, single‐subject
1 package loose‐leaf paper, wide ruled
5 pocket folders
2 boxes tissue, large
1 container of disinfecting wipes
Storage bags, heavy‐duty freezer zipper closure, girls – 1 box quart sized, boys – 1 box gallon sized

Middle needs: 
Funds ‐ $14.00 per student
48 #2 pencils (Do not label.)
1 eraser, white
1 pencil case, zippered, no a pencil box, labeled
8 dry erase markers for student use
1 small box of markers
1 24 count box of crayons
1 highlighter – yellow
1 ball point pen
1 box colored pencils, 12 count, labeled with student name
1 clear plastic 12” ruler, flat (standard and metric) labeled with child’s name 1 pair scissors, pointed, labeled with child’s name
4 glue sticks (mann wants a bottle instead)
2 reams of white, loose‐leaf, wide‐lined (not college) paper
4 spiral single subject notebooks
1 composition book
6 pocket folders, labeled with student’s name
Last names starting with A‐M bring 1 box quart size zip closure bags
Last names starting with N‐Z bring 1 box gallon size zip closure bags
2 boxes facial tissue, large
1” Binder 3‐ring binder only, with 1 package of 8 tab dividers

Big needs: 
1 zippered 3 ring binder w/ dividers
8 spiral notebooks
1 5 subject notebook
2 boxes of #2 pencils
ballpoint pens in red, blue and black
2 boxes of colored pencils
1 pkg 4x6 lined index cards
assorted colored markers
highlights, assorted
2 comp books
1 ream of project paper GIRLS
1 pkg assorted construction paper BOYS
4 pk of dry erase markers
graph paper
2 boxes of tissues
4 glue sticks
2 pkgs of loose leaf paper
$20 in student funds 

This was last weeks' mission . . . and I'm feeling pretty good for coming away from Back-to-School supply shopping having spent less than $150, including a new backpack & lunch box for Little.  Middle and Big's backpacks & lunch boxes are still very usable . . . and we recycled a ton of what they needed.  I am seriously OVERJOYED at that number.  Over-flippin'-JOYED. 

The Mighty Mighty H's Fantastic Un-Bummer Summer List: Updated

Well, it's not just an update, it's a "what do we have left this week?"  Ugh.  Collective UGH.  School starts in one week.  I am SO not ready.  Seems like Facebook and my email are alive with other moms dancing on the rooftops and celebrating.  I'm not.  We've had so much fun and such a great summer.  I don't want school to start.  Just another month would be SO nice.  But alas, with one more week, we still have a few things to cross off . . . . And a few things that just are un-do-able. 

So, all-in-all, I'm thinking that's a pretty good haul of summer fun.  I never did post pictures of bowling.  It was hilarious and super fun.  Mimi bowled  a bunch of strikes off the ramp and beat everyone.  I also didn't post pictures of the kids' Half-Birthday Party . . . which was SO fun.  No pix of the zoo, either, but I'll post them.  It was a blast.  Reminded me of a post about four years ago  . . my zoo trip sans stroller.  What a difference that makes.  My kids are all BIG now!!  We didn't get to Breck.  Sad face x 10000.  We didn't get to a Rockies game.  We would have ridden the lightrail then.  Maybe in the fall.  Aunt K's visit fell through twice for reasons that were unforeseen and unpreventable.  My sights are set again on NEXT summer.

This week ... we're exploring Cottonwood Trail & going mini-golfing, at least.  

Big's Picks
- Chick-fil-A
- Fargo's
- pool
- Orlando
- Garden
- Watch The Sound of Music
- Have nachos with Julia

Middle's Picks
- Breck --UPDATE AND MOVE TO THE UN-DO-ABLE LIST- have a birthday party -- ** now scheduled for 6/30!!
- water park 
water war in the backyard
- mini golf
see Brookie
- explore Cottonwood Trail

Little's Picks
- hike
go to the park
- get a Hawkeye bow & arrow
- go to the Lego store
- play in the creek
- birthday party -- ** now scheduled for 6/30

Mimi's Picks 
- see Grandma Donna
- feed the ducks
- ride the lightrail -- UPDATE AND MOVE TO THE UN-DO-ABLE LISTplay kickball

Daddy Picks
- fishing
- Star Wars Sky Sox game -- ** tickets purchased for 6/23

Mommy picks 
play hide the monkey
- zoo
- Rockies & Sky Sox
- flea market
- farmer's market
finish the lanterns
- run a 5K  . . . not sure this one's happening until I feel a bit better, at least . . . . 
- sleep in the tent
- see Belle

flashlight tour
- summer dates - ** FOUR down, ZERO to go
- make the table

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Macarena and Cheese

Caught this while they weren't lookin' and almost fell over the soffet in the bedroom laughing  . .

Friday, August 10, 2012

Camping a la Backyard

I'm all about camping in the backyard, if for nothing else . . . the proximity of the bathroom.  
Really, I do love to wake up outside and I love the smell of fresh morning air. 

Setting up was fun.  We just about emptied the entire linen closet. 

This year, we invited friends over and we set up a "kids" tent . . . there were six of them, and a "mommies" tent.  

At 3:09 in the morning, a couple of little turkeys woke up and started giggling.  The mommy tent woke just long enough to say, "really?  they're up?  and unzip the flap far enough to see that they had snuck inside for a can of whipped cream, then come back to write this on outside our tent flap."  So cute. 

What would camping be without a little rain.
Okay by me.  S'mores on the stove and the Olympics on TV, then sleep outside.
It was a perfect campout, in my opinion! 

Thursday, August 09, 2012

A Wee Bit of Random Catching Up

Yea, I've been gone.

I've been sick.

Uh, VERY sick.

As a sick-o-meter, I'll just say this:  I went to the doctor.  Yes, I was THAT sick.  And, I'm not all that much better.  But today, I don't have as much of an overwhelming urge to lay down and die, so that is an improvement, no matter how small.  The good news is:  it's not what they originally thought.  Yes, I'm being vague.  The bad news is:  there was a "subsequent finding" on one of the tests.  It's concerning.  Can we all mutter a collective, "crap."

On to happier things . . . .
I finally got around to syncing my phone.  When I do that, I get such a great scrapbook of previous events and I usually blog a bunch of them.  I quite like it. So, more coming later this week, provided I'm not completely horizontal.

All righty then.  I'm being swarmed by muchkins so can't finish this in the way that I had planned.  Hmm. Side-tracked again.  Story of my life.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

One Last Thing . . .

Last chore I did . . . . cleaned toilets.  And picked up dog poop.  And dishes.  And bird cage.  And vacuumed.  I do so many f'in chores around here, I can hardly remember which one was the most recent.

Last thing I bought . . . . a diet cherry limeade from Sonic.

Last time I cursed .  . . out loud?  Probably last night.  I don't think I've spoken to any grown ups today.  Is that sad?  On paper.  See "Last Chore I Did" above.

Last text I sent . . . . (this one is beginning to recur) .  .  . To MOTH:  Little just bowled a 56.  Whole game.  Mad, mad, mad skills.