Saturday, July 07, 2012

Vacation Report: Days 7 & 8

Day 7 was easy breezy.  Morning at the hotel pool, lots of lounging, quick showers & clean up for a family photo shoot that is offered with compliments from the staff.  With Christmas pictures on my mind, I forced the family into smiling pretty.  We spent a bit of time packing & cleaning before heading out to Downtown Disney for (1) Lego store shopping, (2) dinner and (3) Cirque du Soleil.  Downtown Disney was (1) over-rated and (2) hot.  However, Cirque du Soleil was amazing, incredible, fantastic, hilarious . . . . the best thing during the whole week.  We thoroughly enjoyed every second.  If I lived in  Orlando, I would get a job at Cirque du Soleil.  Even if I was an usher, I could peek through the curtains and steel glimpses of the show at least twice per night.  I never get enough of it.  I could watch Cirque over and over and over and over.

Day 8 was the travel day home.  Early up to catch an 8:30 flight back to Colorado.  The kids were marvelous air travelers, keeping themselves entertained or cat-napping.  The flight was on time and except for arriving on the ground with stomachs rumbling and feeling low-blood-sugary and grumpy, we pulled the whole week off without a hitch.  We stopped for lunch, claimed the car & headed for the safety of HOME . . . . . the best place to be after vacation.  It's so fun to go . .  . and so fun to come home.

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