Thursday, July 05, 2012

Vacation Report - Day Six

I'm so excited to write about day six . . . .
It was our absolute favorite day of all.   On Friday, we did Universal Studios Islands of Adventure.  All of my kiddos, except Mimi, of course, are HUGE Harry Potter fans, so part of our major goal was to visit the Harry Potter portion and really drink in the stuff in that area.  We were able to score discount tickets to Universal, so that put me in a jolly mood to start.  Add premier parking to that and you have the makings for an awesome day.  

At Universal, we managed to do all the major things.  On the advice of a veteran Universal mom, we beelined for The Wizarding World, but let me be honest, I was SO incredibly distracted by all of the cool stuff that we easily slipped into wander-mode.  Once in The Wizarding World, we did Flight of the Hippogriff first.  The big kids were all feeling super sensitive to Mimi. She really wanted to do a coaster, but is just too short.  However, she WAS tall enough for Flight of the H, so we did that first.  We waited in about a 20 minute line and she cracked us up with her excitement and over the top animations.  Every detail in The Wizarding World is amazing and spot on, in alignment with the book.  It's really amazing just to look about.  I was awestruck.    

Universal Studios was our favorite day.  We did nearly all the rides, in the areas where we were most interested, which included The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Jurassic Park,  Marvel Super Hero Island & Suess Landing.  We loved the coasters but found that Middle wasn't tall enough to ride a couple of them.  Incidentally, The Hulk Coaster was one of THE most intense rides I have ever been on.  I'm glad that coaster growls like Hulk and is loud as heck, so that Big couldn't hear me yelling, "shiiiiiitttttt".

Overall, I though Universal was a bit more edgy than Disney.  It was a more teen-scene kind of place, and amazingly, I thought it was more kid-friendly than Disney.  We sprung for two Express Passes and shared them for the day, since at least one responsible adult had to be on the ground at all times.  Those little gems were worth their weight in gold, considering we just had one day to take in all the rides.

The best part(s) of today were:
Big: The Hulk Coaster
Middle: Dragon Challenge Coaster
Little: All of Harry Potter and especially the Castle ride
Mimi:  The Flight of the Hippogriff Coaster

Today's money out was more substantial.  Big used her cash for a necklace.  Middle bought herself a bracelet.  I bought a HP piece of apparel for Big, Middle and Little.  We had slurpees, of course.  MOTH and Little spent money on Avengers shirts and jammies.  We also bought lunch and dinner.  Overall, we're still under budget for souvenir world and I'm feeling pretty good about money out.

Universal Studios.  Loved it.  Go there.  Best if all of your young riders are 54" tall.  There's still plenty to do if they aren't, but it would be nice if they all could ride.  Also, especially if you are time crunched, bite the bullet and buy Express passes. For sure.

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Disney Redhead said...

I've only been to Universal once, when I was 14. It was super lame. But it sounds like it's a lot different now!