Sunday, July 01, 2012

Vacation Report - Day Five

After two days of "doing Disney", this day was much needed and oh-so-fun for the clan.  

We got up.  Barely.  Sort of a miracle in an of itself. 
We ate.  Scraps. 
We put on swimwear. 
We used the rest of a bottle of sunscreen. 
We went to the pool. 

We played in the deep end. 
We did the slides. 
We stood under the water-palm trees and let the coconuts rain down on us. 
We had a water battle at the kiddie park. 
We played on the pirate ship. 

Oh, we did an owner's refresher course. 

In the afternoon, in rained buckets and we stayed in and popped popcorn.  We all piled into the beds and watched a movie.  It was awesome.   Perfectly, perfectly awesome. 

In the evening, we ate, made a sunscreen run to the local CVS, went on a lizard hunt on hotel grounds and had an easy night.  It was vacation. 

Today's highlights:  swimming, lizards, and the rain.  Yes, the rain.  We all needed a break and the rain provided the perfect excuse to stay in and be couch slugs.
Today's lowlights:  none, as reported by the children.  I love a day when we gather for dinner and I say, "Okay, everybody tell me your Bee-Dub (which is B for Best and Dub, for W, which is worst)." They go around the table and tell me about the best part of their day and the worst.  When there is no "W", that's a grrr-eat day. 

Money today:  sunscreen (which morphed into some munchies & blister band-aids, too) + dinner

I have a note in the PassPorter on Day Five that says . . . excluding tickets to parks, this trip has been VERY affordable.  I actually only paid for two of the airline tickets, lodging was covered (if you can consider it that), through timeshare purchase & we have spent about $20 on souvenirs so far.  Go us.

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