Sunday, July 01, 2012

Update . . .

17,650 acres
1,200 firefighters
45% contained
10,000 still evacuated . . . hopefully that will go down tonight when more evacuations are lifted

I was watching the news today and some jackwad from one of the evacuated neighborhoods was bitching about his community being "forgotten".  As in, none HIS neighborhood doesn't fall into the classically drawn "lines" that were used to define evacuations.  For example, Mountain Shadows is the neighborhood, or area of town that really got hit the hardest.  HIS neighborhood is just outside Mountain Shadows, but they prefer to be referred to by their own community name.  Seriously?  In this time of crisis and devastation, there's nothing better to complain about that the name on the news?  And he's upset that he can't get back into his home yet.  Uh, mister . . . there's no running water, no gas, no electrical and everything reeks of smoke . . . . not to mention, there's still FIRE raging on the hill.  It's NOT safe.

The news was SO much better before they started doing exclusive interviews.  Just report the hard news, for cripe's sake.

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