Sunday, July 08, 2012

One Last Thing . . . .

Coming from time to time to a blog near you . . . .

The last time I said, "I love you" . . . . was tonight, when I dropped Little off for a sleepover.

The last thing I cooked . . . . was barbecue chicken tenders on the grill . . . tonight.

The last time I forgot my wallet . . . was several weeks ago when I needed to stop at Walgreens after I dropped Middle off at gymnastics.  I forgot my wallet, but it turned out okay, because I also forgot to wear shoes, so I needed to go home anyway.

Last hangover I had . . . was at least a decade ago.  Maybe more.

Last TV show I watched . . . was Gator Boys on DVR.  Or Design Star.  Summer TV ins't my favorite season.

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