Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm super sad.

Okay, I've written about how much I adore the Olympics.  I've said over and over and over how much of a sports junkie I am.  In past posts, I've probably written about Mary Lou Retton's 10.0 vault and how I watched it as a child.  I'm sure I've written about Nadia & Kerri Strug's one-footed vault landing.  Here is the most recent moment that is burned into my mind forever.

Listen, I LOVE Jordan Weiber.  Love her.  Probably more than I love most gymnasts right now.  More that Nastia.  Just as much as Shawn.  So last night, I was absolutely glued to the TV for Women's Qualifiers.  And when she didn't make it because of this STUPID rule that only two American gymnasts can make it, I cried with her.  I absolutely, positively let the tears pour down my cheeks.  How utterly ridiculous.  How crazy.  How sad.  How stupid.

I'm trying not to wallow.  I am happy for Gabby . . . even though she was wildly out of bounds on floor.  I'm super happy for Allie.  She totally deserves it.  But SO DOES Jordan . . . . boy oh boy, so does Jordan.  Probably way, way, way more than the other 22 girls that will be competing . . .

I'm so sad.

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