Monday, July 23, 2012

Feed The Ducks: Check

And this is how we spend the day . . . 

It takes about 15 minutes to get everyone's bike out of the garage. 
It takes another 15 minutes to make sure all the tires are okay. 
It takes 15 minutes to get them all loaded either IN the car or ON the bike rack. 
It takes at least 15 minutes to pack a light lunch and/or snack for everyone. 
It takes a good 10 minutes to do the "last call for bathroom breaks." 

But I do this process.  This routine. 
I make lunches. 
I load bikes. 
I drive down to this awesome little trail. 
And we ride. 
And we ride. 
And we ride some more. 

I pack all of the old yucky "duck bread" that I've been saving in the freezer. 
And we feed the geese. 
And ducks. 

And then we ride some more. 

Then we stop and spread a blanket beneath a big cottonwood.
And peanut butter has never tasted so good.
We lay on our backs and look for shapes in the clouds. 
We close our eyes and listen to the sounds. 
We collect sticks and build little houses. 

And then we ride some more. 

It's hot. 
And we get sweaty. 
And sometimes, usually, at least one kid gets kinda cranky. 

But it's fun. 
It's active. 
It's exercise. 
It's outdoors. 


It takes 30 minutes to get everything and everyone back into the car. 
And 30 minutes to get home. 
Because, yes, we ARE stopping at Sonic for Cherry Limeades.

They fall asleep with Cherry Limeades in their hands. 
They wake up just as we pull into the driveway. 
They are refreshed.

And they all want to know, 
"Mom, when can we do that again?"

Middle loves the babies.  In all stages.  This trip, there were itty bitty baby geese that wouldn't even stray from their parents.  Little yellow fluff balls.  So, so cute. 

Big has the patience of a saint.  She'll work with one goose for half an hour, leaving little trails of crumbs until it's up out of the water and following her all around. 

Against common sense and caution . . . 

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