Monday, July 23, 2012

Chocolate . . . .

You know I'm just as much about telling stories as I am about anything.  Some made up stories.  Some not.  This is a story about one of the most loved toys in our house.  This is Chocolate.

Well, this is Chocolate sleeping on Mimi's lap during the airplane ride to Florida. Beezer is there too.  The blanket.  I made a pair of those for Mimi when she was cookin' in utero.  They became her favorites.  She called the The B, which morphed to Bee, then Beezer, then Beezer Ebenezzer.  Back to Chocolate. Chocolate.  Incidentally, please don't take offense at the name.  It was lovingly bestowed by a very smitten nearly two year old.  When Middle was but a wee-one, she desperately wanted a black baby doll.  We searched high and low and when finally we found one, she exclaimed with glee that she had the perfect name.  She unwrapped it before we left the store and stroked her little bald head, cooing, "oh, Chokkie, I've been searching for you for so long." 

Chocolate was a good baby to Middle for years and years.  She was the toy that had become real.  A real-life Velveteen Rabbit, if you will.   Middle loved her so much.  This is the baby that she nursed when Little came along.  She'd lift her shirt up in the grocery stores and put that dollie's mouth up to her little naked chest.  She read stories and slept with her.  She rode her around in strollers and carried her in backpacks.  Chocolate has been on just about every trip, even if she stays in a bag or waits in the car, she comes along.  I've searched for Chocolate in the back yard with a flashlight way past bedtime.  There was a time that Middle thought that Chocolate was her good luck charm and she thought that she couldn't balance a bike to ride it by herself, that she really required Chocolate's help . . . .

When Mimi came along, she glommed onto Chocolate.  She has another little baby that she loves, too, but Chocoate, she says, is better behaved than "Emma" so Chocolate has traveling privledges and gets to take lots of field trips.   

This little $5.00 baby has been around our house for nearly a decade.  She's very well loved and is one of those super-special toys that we will surely tell stories about for many years to come.

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