Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Tiny Gymnast . . . .

Okay, the good thing (the really, really good) thing happening this week is Middle.  She 'got' a skill that she's been working, working, working on.


Note to gymnastics parents:  Along the gymnastics superhighway, there are stumbling blocks.  Here are a few that I recall.  As a wee one, being about to do cartwheels with straight legs is a biggie.  That back leg just wants to get to the floor really fast.  Back bend kick overs is another stumbling block.  It's because it takes arm strength to shift your weight and be able to kick over.  Then there's back-walk-overs.  That's a timing thing.  And a muscle memory thing.  Enter kips.  Kips are a timing trick on bars. And a muscle memory thing.  Once they get it, they have it forever, but GETTING it is tricky.

These stumbling blocks cause frustration.  Sometime tears.  They are a major hurdle.

At Middle's level, the stumbling block is giants.   Kids tend to peel off the bar when they learn this and they crash ALOT.  It can be kinda scary.  Not to mention, they have to have a good kip cast handstand to start.  That's a feat unto itself.  And, there's the grips.  They're just getting used to grips and it feels funny to have something between their palms and the bar.

I'm OVERJOYED to report . . . . Middle's got it.  She's got the timing, she's got the skill.  She just needs the muscle memory, that only repetition, repetition, repetition will bring.  In the spirit of a very proud mama, I'm posting a video (the first one) of her success.  And, as an illustration to our family mantra, "I get knocked down, but I get up again", another video (the second) of an awesome, almost-you-tube-worthy blooper.

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