Monday, June 04, 2012

Hawthorne Trees, Legacies & Tie-Nots

Despite having been busy as heck lately, I managed to check a few things off of my list that also qualified as blogger worthy . .  . .

1.  Dad's Tree . . . . . At long last, I've decided to plant a Spirit Tree.  Not a tree from a seed, like a bio-urn with a seed.  Not a seedling, as I guess the chemical makeup of cremains can actually kill a seedling.  I decided to plant a tree-tree.  A well established tree.  Why?  Well, dad liked trees, for one thing.  When I was but a wee-lass, he planted a pine tree for me, and one for my brother.  I remember riding in the wagon with two sloshing buckets of water from the well . . . . because it was indeed a family deal to water them every weekend.  Those suckers are huge now and that was a legacy that he left.  He asked if I'd seen the trees and when we were back in the hometown, he always wanted to drive by the old place to see the trees.  And, he loved spring and the pink flowering trees that held so much hope and promise.  So, I've decided on this:

If flowers double blossoms of hot pink, that fade to light pink, then white over the spring and early summer.   Placement has been the biggest hurdle, but I think I've decided on that too, so, chick-chack-check . . that's off my list of things to do.  Here's a mature version.  Oh, it's a Paul's Scarlet Hawthorne.

2.  Speaking of lists, I've actually hacked a few off of the un-bummer summer list . . . . update coming.

3. Legacies . . . . . more on that coming, with the possibility of a whole new blog.  I'm generating excitement & steam over an idea that is percolating.  I SO hope one of you mother-bloggers out there will be on board and do it with me.

4.  Vacation . . . .  this is currently the biggest list of all.  We leave in 6 days and (** insert gasp here **) we don't have plane tickets, attraction tickets, a car or any of the other essentials.  We are planning to leave with a hope and a dream and roll with the punches.  It's SO not like me to not have tickets booked.  The stubborn side of me won.  When I first checked tickets, there were super-low, like under $300 low.  That's part of the reason I chose this location.  Cheap tickets & enough air-miles to cover 6 round trip tickets.  But who buys a ticket on the first search?  Not me, Sally.  So when I went back to get them, the prices had spiked to $500 per ticket.  Shit.  Can I get an all-around, opra-style, shhhh-iiiii-TTTTT?  Suddenly, not enough air miles and a whole new ball game.  Stubborn came through and figured it I'm paying $500 a ticket, I can pay $500 per ticket two days before we go just as easily as 4 months.  No, tickets haven't come down.  Some have, don't get me wrong.  But I'm traveling with four kids and I really do want to avoid arriving at 2:31 AM.  Really.  Want. To. Avoid. That.   On attraction tickets . . . . I have a plan.  It might be wishy washy, but I KNOW, know, know that once we arrive, one of the concierge folks will say, "Oh, Mrs. H . . . would you like to take an owner's refresher?  We have several offers in exchange for your 90 minute commitment?  And, of course, I will take the 90 minute refresher and score tickets to something for less than the internet price, of, choke-gag-hack- a cool grand for ONE day of Princess-slash-Giant Mouse-slash Disney-themed-fun.  Pray, pray, pray.

5.  Tie-nots and summer fun.  You know, I'm always up for a mommy-approved consumer report, and on this bright and cheery Monday morning at, um, gosh, does that say 6:05, I'd like to pass along the gadget of all gadgets, the best idea since, well, I'm not sure, but a damn good idea.  Here it is . . .

From my new friends at, I bring you, (drumroll, please) the tie-not.  This is a little genius invention that screws onto the end of your garden hose.  Water balloon goes on the nozzle, a press of the button fills it, and the most miraculous thing of all, you wrap the balloon around that purple ma-jigger, slide the end of the balloon off and through the slot in the purple ma-jigger, then pull the balloon . . and it knots it for you.  Listen folks, this has revolutionized the way we mighty-mighty H's play water balloons.  And, let me tell you .. . . we PLAY water balloons.  In previous years, battle days looked like this:  I would spend about an hour or so getting soaking wet, filling water balloons and the kids would play with them for 20 minutes.  This year, not only can they tie them ON THEIR OWN with the tie-not, (yes, even four-year-old Mimi can work this thing), I also purchased this:

This is the tie-not battle pump, also from  For the low, low price of only $15, your kids can have a tie not WITH a gallon reservoir and portable battle pump.  At our house that means you can climb the tree and bomb your siblings or parents with water balloons from a safe distance.  Again . . . genius and worth every penny.

Well, remember the safe distance thing?  Not so much, because of this:

This is The Cannon, from  It makes MOTH suck in his breath, die a long slow death full of horror and embarrassment and go, "oh, God, we are THAT family!"  I promise to help pick up all the shrapnel, not aim it at windows and the kids and I have a ball.  A holy-rolling-knock-down ball.  Even Mimi can use this gizmo to launch a water balloon 200 yards.  It's so fun.  Yes, the neighbors might get upset.  I'll call them and make them cookies later.  It's too stinkin' hot to have the over on . . . but this is a summer-fun-bucket MUST have.  This week, we're taking it to the park.  It's a BLAST!!!

Okay, duty calls and I have to actually work for a living.  Darn, darn, darn . . . . but do this today, watch the tie-not video and make an internet purchase.  These guys, along with five cans of shaving cream, a party pack of silly string, sidewalk chalk & swimsuits are the essential boredom buster of our summer . . . . .


Disney Redhead said...

I haven't been around much lately. Are you going to Disney World?

Elle said...

Yes, DisneyWorld on Monday . . .

Disney Redhead said...

How exciting! I love WDW! We were just there in February but I miss it already. Have you been before?

Disney Redhead said...

Also...wondering if you're staying onsite?

Beware...crowds have been AWFUL this past week. So be sure to use fastpasses and all that good stuff that I'm sure you're already aware of.