Saturday, June 09, 2012

Friday Night Fireworks . . .

Are worth every penny . . . . . 

Even if that means that the kids stay up late and fall asleep in your arms on the long trek back to the car, which is undoubtedly parking in BFE.  Friday night fireworks at the ball park define summer.  Add fireworks to the hilarious antics of Sox the Fox, which get my kids rolling every time, especially his very PG-13 booty waggle and hip motion.  

 Last night, we sprung $5 for fireworks glasses . . . which were SO cool and worth their $1 fee.  Only Mimi would think to take pictures THROUGH the glasses.  She took 240 pictures on my phone last night  along with a couple of videos.  Ah, ball games. 

Rally towels?  Yes, please . . . we'll need four.  And they're good for during-the-game entertainment, too.  It's too bad I was so close . . you can see Middle making bunny ears in the background.  Will that EVER get old? 

The Sox got beat last night.  Kind-of bad . . . . but even a bad night at the ball park is still a darn good night.  I'm not even sure who they played.  Uh, the guys in the red shirts.  See, still DARN good. 


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