Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fire . . . night of day 4

Things are not looking so good here . . . .

This is today, at about 4:30, taken out of Little's bedroom window.  No zoom.  I can see flames with the naked eye.  The wind has shifted and is blowing everything, including the fire directly into the city.

More mandatory evacuations are in place for areas that I never imagined would actually be evacuated.  The roads are completely clogged.  Ash is falling in my backyard the size of quarters or dimes.  The wind is blowing ash into the yard and it looks like snow.   The news is estimating 20,085 homes threatened.  This morning, there were 4,000 people displaced as authorities had lifted evacuation orders in some areas.  Tonight, after the wind shift and the shit-storm that had me packing emergency bags, there are 32,000 people out of their homes.  The news is unclear.  They'll only say that 'mutliple' homes have been lost and 'numerous' structures are burning.


Disney Redhead said...

I just saw the map for evacuations. Obviously I have no idea where you are exactly so I came right over here to see if you were evacuated.

Stay safe! Thoughts and prayers!!

Homestead said...


The Waldo fire update is a few hours old but is just so dire.

I can't believe the evacuation list..... I'm stunned. The pictures of Waldo Canyon.... and the memories of hiking there 15 years ago with my little red camelback and my little brown and white dog... both of which I still have.

People are still buying fireworks here..... stupid.

I'm home today... since daycare got evacuated.

Marilyn Vaughn said...

Never been to Colorado,but I am so sorry about the fires. I have been praying and will continue to pray. I pray protection around your home and I pray for your family to be protected.